Moustache grooming: tips from the pros

Peak beard may possibly have come and gone, but there’s no denying that the trend for facial hair remains strong. With a whole new generation of men being introduced to moustaches, many are keen to grow their own for the first time, leading to a great proliferation of advice and facial hair care products.

Moustache grooming

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However, this new-found consumer freedom can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing, with facial hair advice being geared towards pros. Here are some key tips for moustache grooming that are suitable for newbies and veterans alike!

Tools of the Trade

Whilst the first few weeks of moustache growth don’t necessitate a great level of maintenance, you might eventually want to invest in some tools and facial hair care products to achieve the best results. One useful tool is a moustache comb, which is a special type of very fine-toothed comb that is great for styling and preventing your top lip hair from becoming messy. Another item worth buying is facial hair scissors, which have small, narrow blades to help keep things neat and precise.

Numerous pre-care and aftercare products for all types of facial hair are available online from sites like Henry Tibbs and others. These products can improve the appearance of the hair and adjacent skin. If you’re unsure what works best for you, always try them where possible and experiment with a number of different items that purport to achieve similar results.

The Importance of Timing

In the initial period of growth, it’s easy to maintain your moustache by trimming with a beard trimmer or clippers. After around three or four weeks, however, you’re going to want to switch to some specialist facial hair scissors so you can assert better control. At this point, it’s also time to start thinking about implementing a grooming regimen, possibly with care products.

As previously mentioned, this is where a moustache comb comes into its own. Combined with just a drop or two of moustache wax, this is a great way to ensure your moustache keeps its shape and will help prevent messy flyaway hairs.

Dry Cut

On the subject of timing, it’s also best to trim your moustache when it’s fully dry. Wet hair appears to hang lower, and you may end up trimming more than you’d like!

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