Most Appropriate Exercise For People With Parkinson

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Do you know which exercises best suited for people with Parkinson’s are? We’ll tell our Health Blog. Parkinson’s is a chronic neuro degenerative disease that leads to progressive disability. The pigmented neurons are destroyed and alterations in autonomic functions and expression of emotions. It affects men and women equally often appears to be around sixty.

So far they have not found any biological markers to identify the disease with which the diagnosis is based on the detection of some symptoms.

Although currently there is no cure for this disorder other than conducting some basic exercises can delay or temporarily hold off the disease.

Although most of the exercises can make them one would be ideal if we could be accompanied.

Breathing exercise inspire while raising the arms above the head and when expire the descend.

The best exercises to treat Parkinson

For the neck and head have several years:

-Ladear Head from side to side approaching the ear to shoulder.

-Turn Your head left and right trying to touch chin shoulders.

-Turn Head senses clockwise then do the contrary.

-To Make physical activity we can go. First with short distances to last about five minutes to increase the time to 20 minutes. You have to control the pulse and perform a warm up. If no one can accompany you better go walking near the wall. Along the way we have to try to go as straight as possible and move the weight on the leg we advance.

-Promote The lower limbs is important, to get us to sit in a chair with your arms at your sides. We will raise the leg and count to five back down and repeat the exercise 10 times. We can also lie down on your back, bend your knee and bring it as close as we can to the chest. We extend the leg and do it with the other. Repeat the operation 10 times.

-In Order to exercise your shoulders will rise up, go back to the normal position, the push you forward and then backward.

-Another Activity can practice to help our shoulder s is settling against the angle of a corner, place each hand on each side and stretching arms. We lean towards the angle of the wall, bending and stretching arms and shoulders. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

– Open and close the hand, extend and close the fingers of each hand and gently rotate the wrists help our hands and fingers.

– Lying in bed on your back leg will lift all we can without bending the knee and will be in the original position. Do the same with the other leg and repeat 10 times.

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