May God Keep You In Sight!

May God Keep You In Sight!

It is fundamental. Thanks to the view we have a visual picture of our loved ones, let us retain in memory a landscape, an event or enjoy a movie. But the view also requires some care to keep it in optimum condition. Do not forget to take a look at these tips and andate with eye !

They are our first contact with reality when we woke up and one of the last to go to sleep. Thanks to the sense of sight we know where we are at all times and quickly perceive any danger. But despite being in operation for so long we realize just how valuable it is when we itchy eyes, irritated or have any visual discomfort. The first tip to maintain good vision are regular visits to the ophthalmologist every one to two years. For children it is advisable from the three years since it is thereafter they begin to glimpse the first visual problems. It is essential to detect these abnormalities in children that can cause even school delay. In adults used to control farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism.

The eye survives in a humid environment. Need continuous hydration so if you suffer dry eyes should always wear eye drops to prevent dryness. From age 40 appear certain eye diseases such as glaucoma and people with cholesterol, diabetes or hypertension frequent eye examinations should be performed.

The use of contact lenses is widespread but you have to keep perfectly sanitized using such products, and save them bacteria free kits. This disinfection is necessary before and after use. Women should be especially careful with makeup and cosmetics.

For those who do not give up the glasses should keep in perfect condition, adjusted to the head and no scratches that may obscure vision of the eye. The glasses are a tool upon which our right view. They should always be cleaned with appropriate moisture and optical products since scorch household cleaning lenses and erode, forcing the eye to make to correct the defect. The anti-glare glasses are best suited to avoid straining the eye and improve your ability to focus and adaptation to artificial light.

The sun is a great enemy of the eye and can cause burns, cataracts and eye wear so it is advisable to use sunglasses even in winter when natural light may be less annoying. All children under 12 years are not yet developed its system of protection against ultraviolet sun rays so they are even more vulnerable to diseases of the eye.

The food is also important. Fruit and vegetables containing vitamin A to help the regeneration of retinal cells. The vitamin C and magnesium are also allies of our eyes. These simple tips will allow prevent any visual defect and preserve sight to old age!.

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