Make fitness … In the shower! Here are the exercises

Tone and firm are activities that are not limited only to the gym or sports. We can help get more toned muscles and a nice fitness even during the day, when you perform the most common gestures. We had already spoken recently of other ways to train your muscles when you are at home or at work.

But today we offer you three exercises to do in the shower that help sculpt the body, firming the buttocks, thighs and breasts. Even if it is mostly of muscle contraction exercises that do not require large movements of the body, we recommend that you bring to the table a non-slip shower mat.

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This is why the exercises…

  • Means squats for legs and buttocks

This is the year for which you do more exercise. Slightly splayed legs and do 20 squats means: basically you have to lower yourself avoiding it falls buttocks under your knees. This allows you to firm up your legs and the side b, making sure to keep under the joint effort.

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  • Toning the inner thighs

this exercise is not easy as it sounds but is very effective. You have to pretty much do all the shower held tight between his knees a bath sponge. Do not drop it, of course. In a few weeks you will notice the difference.

  • Breast carved!

The low tone temperatures. So go-ahead to the cold jet from dropping directly on the breast. Meanwhile joined the palms of the hand at shoulder height and push them against each other 20 times. This exercise is the simplest of the three, but just as effective for the goal there arises.

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