Major mistakes we make when doing shoulder press and how to avoid them

Shoulder press

If we ask what opine on the shoulder press, most of us will answer that it is a simple exercise that anyone can perform. At first glance is that, a simple exercise without major complications, but it is not as easy as it seems to do well, and so this time we want to stop in the major mistakes we make in execution and how we can correct them.

We must bear in mind that there are plenty of ways to make the press, since it may be behind the neck, in front, with dumbbells, pulley, sitting on bench, standing … But all these ways have a common denominator, which is the implementation, since for all is the same, the maturity of the resistance by the deltoids, which is the working muscle. A small muscle that cannot mistreat, and for which we must make good execution to work properly.

Shoulder press
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Using too much load on the shoulder press

What we find with the shoulder press is always the total isolation of the worked part. Therefore one of the main mistakes we often make, and in which we all fall, is carrying out the exercise with a too high weight. One must understand that the muscles that make up the shoulder are small and therefore endure the burden will not be too high. Overloading is the beginning of all errors when working shoulder Thus, as will involve other muscle groups and posture will make turns that put us at risk.

Arching your back too much on lower back

Derived from this excess charge is usually the bow back. Normally if we make the press stand back arching trend it is higher, because what we are really doing is supporting us in the back, particularly in the lower back, to lift the load. This gesture also we usually do when we sit on a bench for exercise. It is one of the most common vices that we acquired and must be avoided, because the damage that we can get back is high. Avoid overloading is essential to prevent it.

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Do not make the full movement

Another mistake that we often make when running this exercise is not to make the full movement. As always, and as we have indicated above, the error here is also the excess burden that forces us to stop and lift the load halfway, when the ideal is down to shoulder height to impact the most by a complete tour. You need to take this into account, because that is the basis to gain strength in this body part.

Fold back the sides

Another point where we have to be careful is hunching over sideways. Normally this is usually done because one party usually holds up well compensated not burden you are applying. Therefore, and to avoid, as we have repeated several times, the ideal is to lessen the burden. Moreover, to improve exercise performance it is advisable to stand in front of a mirror to check that the movement is right and we are not doing spins or strange postures that can harm us.

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