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Lose Weight after the holidays

The are near to the festivities and so in a few days will have time to think about how to lose weight after the holidays. In addition to the good intentions for the New Year, now we have to deal with the extra pounds that almost everyone – more or less – we will have stored during the holidays just passed. It is a good time then for a rejuvenating detox diet.

Concluded the whirlwind of nougat, sausages and pandori, the waistline is expanding and pants must be starting to tighten. It is almost inevitable that after the Christmas holidays we have stored a little of fat (an average of 2-3 kg more), which is bad for your health and even online. No, there is no need to compensate with a strict diet or even the absolute fast! Nutritionist’s advice against it, since it can even be counterproductive: first because it creates imbalances in the regulation of glucose metabolism, second because it causes no little psycho-physical stress (the series that after a while ‘you are likely to give in to the assault of the fridge …).

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Lose weight after the holidays: Tips for a balanced and light diet

Having said that if you want to lose weight it is advisable to seek the advice of an expert, avoiding DIY, here’s some indication to quickly regain your ideal weight. It should first be said that being overweight that normally follows the holiday season is related to an accumulation of fat and water retention.

To go back to lose weight after the holidays is good to follow a detox diet and balanced in nutrients, with a number of calories. All accompanied by a moderate physical activity. The fibers, you know, are friends of the line so it will be good to limit the consumption of bread and pasta, instead of increasing the intake of vegetables and foods that combine a high satiating power to a reduced calorie intake; and again rice, white meat and fish rather than red meat and processed. A great help to restore the balance of intestinal flora is given milk, yogurt and other foods containing probiotics.

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Also depreciation drinking plenty of water (at least a liter and a half a day) and taking fresh foods. In this way we stimulate diuresis and regulate digestive activity. To avoid fizzy drinks, sugary and alcoholic.

Of course we should not be missing in quantities of fruits and vegetables in season, such as kiwi, oranges, tangerines, spinach, radicchio and chicory. So we will do full of vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, if we want to detoxify from the excesses of the holidays, it will be good to set aside (at least temporarily) gassi and heavy foods such as sausages, fried, mayonnaise and various sauces, lard and packaged foods. Yes snacks instead to break-hungry in the morning and mid-afternoon, with a fruit or crackers: in this way, we will favor a constant calorie intake and we will reduce the appetite in the main meals.

Lose weight faster with a little movement

Also you do not need to plunge headlong on fitness: we can gradually resume the first task, perhaps starting with a walk half an hour a day. To lose weight after the holidays it is good to favor aerobic activities such as a walk, a bike ride, a run or a swim in the pool. It can help to involve a friend in order to be more motivated.

It is important in any case, ask yourself achievable goals, in order to reduce stress and peacefully regain. It will be useful occasionally sip of slimming and draining herbal teas that help you feel reborn. Finally do not forget to sleep at least eight hours per night, to rest and re-energize you.

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