Lipstick therapy for mood and healthy lips

Lipstick therapy

Do you know the lipstick index? It is the name given by economists to one of the indices used to assess the welfare of a country in a given historical period. It is known fact that sales of lipsticks increases at times of economic difficulty and those immediately before and, on the contrary, fall when the economy is in good health. To understand why this happens you should consult an economist, but in this post we can stop on one of the aspects that determine the lipstick index: in times of difficulty women take better care of themselves to improve their image, seeing and feeling more beautiful secure. And the lipstick is the most immediate and economical answer to give light to the face and feeling yourself more seductive.

Lipstick therapy
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Not only psychological benefits: lipstick gives health to your lips. Cosmetics makes available a wide selection of women’s lipsticks suitable for both every embodied both in any aesthetic requirements, as cold dryness, low volume and chapped lips.

The modern cosmetic formulations provide viable alternatives to cosmetic surgery: oils, collagen and other natural substances give women the lips perfectly hydrated and a plumping effect that meets the needs of those who complains of having lips too thin.

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The skin of the lips is among the most delicate body : extremely thin and easy to break, it is exposed to external aggressions such as too hot or too cold climate, and the attack of the teeth tend to bite their lips when under stress and nervousness. To protect the skin of the lips you can resort to the use of cocoa butter-based moisturizing oils and shea butter, to a gentle scrub to do with a soft-bristle toothbrush and sugar cane, or a specific product that is applied like a lipstick but is enriched with bamboo beads.

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