Keeping a diet rich in proteins correctly

Proteins correctly

Food gives us all the necessary nutrients for the body to develop normally and that each organ functions properly in order to maintain good health and good physical condition. Proteins, specifically, are needed to strengthen and maintain bones, muscles and skin, among other functions. Find out how a diet rich in protein, the right way…

There are several types of foods that provide protein, the best known are the meat, dairy and animal products in general. For example, a piece of pork, chicken or cheese contains what is called complete proteins, i.e.: contains all amino acids that the body cannot produce itself, who are 9 and are called essential amino acids (the amino acids are the building blocks that the body gets to digest proteins).

Proteins correctly
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There are also vegetables that contain proteins such as peas (peas or peas), lentils, beans (beans, beans, beans) and quinoa or quinoa. But in these cases the proteins that provide incomplete, i.e. they do not have all the necessary amino acids and so you have to combine these foods with others to complete the requirements of the body (people who follow a vegetarian diet strictly can obtain the nine amino acids essential eating a wide variety of protein – rich vegetables).

They are from the source they are, it is important that you include protein in your diet because the body does not store them in the same way it stores fat or carbohydrates. It is considered that a healthy adult needs an average of 50-65 grams of protein daily, which can be achieved for example with four ounces (115 grams) of meat and a cup of cottage cheese (type cheese cottage).

And if you are one of those people who believes that proteins help to gain weight, do not you dare remove them from your diet if you decide you want to lose those kilos or pounds, since it is not only a mistake because it is not healthy, not just because it is not good that lacks protein your body but also because proteins could play an important role in maintaining the desired weight.

The idea that proteins help to gain weight may be motivated because the meat, which is one of the main sources of this nutrient, usually also contain fats. But there are cuts with less fat, and there are also other sources of healthy protein, you do not have to eat meat.

For example, fish and shellfish are an excellent source of protein because they are usually low in fat. Some fish like salmon are a little higher in fat but healthy type, known as omega-3

White meats, like chicken and turkey are also a good alternative, although it is preferable to remove the skin when cooking because it contains a lot of saturated fats. Even pork, which is also within this group, contains 31 percent less fat than 20 years ago.

Another excellent source of protein are milk, such as milk, cheese and yogurt, also they contain calcium (which helps keep your bones and teeth strong and prevent osteoporosis) and sometimes are fortified with vitamin D. And they are healthier; it is preferable to choose low – fat dairy products or fat.

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Eggs, meanwhile, are a source of affordable and tasty protein, but do not overdo it. Specialists believe that – for a healthy adult – healthy eating to one egg per day.

As for the vegetables that provide protein, first place is taken beans and peas (peas or peas), which also contain lots of fiber. It is estimated that one cup per day contains as much protein as a steak or grilled steak. Also in this group is soya (soy), which can also help reduce cholesterol.

Finally, choose red meat may be tasty but in moderation. If you choose lean or low-fat cuts, plus proteins will be acquiring other important minerals for your body, such as zinc, iron and vitamin B12.

As you can see, the options are varied and reach to suit all tastes. Always remember to eat in moderation and to be even better, accompany your diet with fruits and vegetables of all colors and an exercise routine.

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