How to keep healthy – Stop the blood from the nose

blood from the nose

How to keep healthy – Stop the blood from the nose. If your friend or relative suddenly bleeds from the nose, do not panic, do not let him throw back his head as many do, he can swallow blood, which can cause vomiting. A person with a nasal bleeding should keep the head upright or even slightly tilt it forward. Before stopping to start bleeding, ask your loved one to bleed. Do not be afraid of it, on the contrary, those blood clots that are in the nose, will not allow the nasal mucous and its walls to contract, and the blood will stop from the nose hard.

Stop the blood from the nose

Blood from the nose-In order to force the vessels to narrow and stop bleeding, you need to apply something cold to the bridge of the nose. It could be from a freezer ice, a towel soaked with cold water, a nasal snow wrapped in a shawl. If it so happens that there is nothing cold at hand, then force your friend with large and index fingers to crush the nostrils to the nasal septum for 7 minutes. Read more: The most correct diet – Cheese Diet

the blood from the nose

To breathe at this time, he, necessarily, have to go through the mouth, but, as usual, nosebleeds later such manipulation ceases. How to keep health properly – to stop nosebleeds is allowed and with the help of drops of vasoconstriction – it can be otrivin, tin, baptizing Alinenazivin if they are at hand right now. Read more: Home Remedies To Fight Aging

blood from the nose

In some occasional incidents it helps to cope with the nose with blood, it’s instilling a freshly squeezed lemon juice. Help the patient, do not create panic attacks and see that the person who has blood from the nose is not too worried – the most not-low nervousness will lead to an increase in his pressure and increase of bleeding. Keep reading

keep healthy blood from the nose

Blood from the nose – if you can, pump your relative with any herbal sedative, say, Valerian. In this case, if your actions do not help the actions, the condition of your loved one worsens, and the nosebleed does not stop or worsen even – do not delay, immediately consult a doctor.

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