Is Tattoo Removal Right For You?

While it was once taboo, tattooing has gained a considerable amount of popularity in recent years. While there are some truly magnificent tattoos created, there is also some subpar work. Then, there are those images or words that some individuals simply regret.

For the longest time, people had two options – either cover it up with clothing or get another tattoo done over it. These days, however, more people are flocking to places like Australian Laser to get these regretful marks removed from their body permanently. If there is one that you would like to get rid of, you may be wondering if this is right for you. To make an informed decision, here are the factors you should be aware of:

The Age of the Tattoo Matters

Typically, the older the tattoo, the better the results will be. Over the course of time, ink fades away. This is often because there are specific cells in the body that are responsible for absorbing the ink and removing it slowly. Thus, tattoos may look as though they have lost colour after a while. Since a good amount of ink has been removed, this makes it easier for laser machines to get rid of the rest in a smaller amount of time. In these instances, you should see better results much faster.

The Artist is Important

You will also need to think back to who did your tattoo and the manner in which they did it. If the artist was experienced and used a gun, there is a better chance of you being happier with the end product. This is because the layers of the tattoo would be more even, making it easier for the laser to handle. If the artist was an amateur or relied on needles or rudimentary guns, then the tattoo will be uneven. This can require a greater amount of work.

Where is Your Tattoo Placed?

The other thing that will determine just how effective treatment will be is where the image or wording is. The ones that are closer to the heart often heal the best. This is because there is better circulation to these areas. Due to this, you will find that these places heal much faster than others, making the remedy more successful. For those that are placed near extremities you may have to have a greater number of sessions before you see similar outcomes.

So, why are the above elements important to deciding whether permanent removal is best for you? Now, all laser removal is effective – to a certain degree. The final outcome will largely depend on the answers you provided to the previously mentioned factors. If your tattoo is old, was done by a professional and is placed close to the chest area, the procedure should be rather successful. If not, you may have to temper your expectations or go for a greater number of sessions. While you may not be able to completely remove the words or the image, you will be able to fade it.

After going through all of this information, you will be able to decide whether such a removal process is for you. If so, you will know precisely what you can expect to see once the treatment has ended. It is important that you always visit a professional to have this sort of procedure done.

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