Is it good waxing?


Although almost all are advantages, disadvantages of waxing are that if it is not applied properly, can cause hair to grow upside down and festering.

Waxing is one of the most commonly used hair removal methods. For those who do not know, this technique basically involves removing hair below the skin surface, making squirted from the follicle. Despite the different techniques that exist that have emerged, waxing remains the favorite for its effects are longer lasting and its application is very simple.

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Applying wax

The wax melts previously and a layer applied on the skin. A few seconds to begin to harden is expected and with the help of a special fabric, is removed by pulling this quickly, away from the direction of hair growth. The wax temperature must not exceed 42°, as this melts immediately and it can cause skin burns.

Waxing varies depending on the type of hair and growth of this in every woman. However, it is recommended to apply every three weeks and take into account the immediate precautions like sun exposure, or applied products containing substances irritable. After plucking the skin can become red, irritated and in pain; however, this is absolutely normal and there depilatories after relieving the treated area within minutes.

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Attention should be paid to hygiene and quality of products that offer aesthetic where we went for a waxing. Even in our homes it is important to have sanitized utensils and space clean and tidy, as well as previously clean our skin. This way we avoid an infection or an accident.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are different types of skin; therefore, the wax is not the same in all people. This technique has advantages and disadvantages.


The wax has a lasting effect because it applies only once a month or two maximum, letting the rest skin and hair grow without sharp as razor, which makes the skin more prone to chafe interruptions.

Another advantage is the feeling of a silky, healthy skin, because the hair is removed completely from the root, leaving skin flawless.

Apart from this, it is an economic and efficient method which also comes in different forms today, as there is hot, warm and cold for different skin types and tastes wax.


The first disadvantage of the wax is that this application can be very painful for some people. However, the skin is then customary to shave regularly and pain recedes into the background.

The wax can cause hair to grow backwards, if not applied properly. In addition, irritation or allergy may be more common in some people. If you have extremely sensitive skin, pull wax can cause bruising and shock.

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  • Clean and dry the skin previously
  • No sun exposure before or immediately after waxing
  • The skin should be clean and dry
  • Knowing well our skin type to choose among the options that exist wax, the most appropriate
  • Plucking every 3 weeks or once a month
  • Hydrate the skin after plucking. The aloe vera is very effective.

Proper waxing is very effective and recommended. Despite modern techniques such as laser hair removal, waxing continues to pioneer for most people; it is always preferable natural products and simple methods.

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