Independent Age publishes results of over-65s survey

A recent study from Independent Age surveyed people over 65 to find out more about their sex lives, and the results were very interesting.

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The study found that over half of people aged 65 and over said that they don’t think they are having enough sex. It also found that a third of people over 65 have either had sex on a first date since they turned 65 or that they would consider the option.

This shows that the older generation has a very positive attitude toward sex, which is fantastic news as the over-65 population grows significantly every year.

A great sex life, no matter how old you are

The tongue-in-cheek study generated some pretty interesting results. It also revealed that 10 per cent of people over 65 have had multiple sex partners since turning 65, which is the highest proportion in the UK.

This shows that age isn’t a barrier when it comes to having a happy, satisfying sex life, and lots of older people are more sexually active than younger people may think.

The research came alongside information and advice about dating and relationships for older people. Romantic relationships are just as important later in life, but dating can still be complex and difficult. Some of the information revealed by the Relationships in Later Life study pertains to topics like dating after divorce, coping with a changing relationship after ill health or retirement, and how to end a relationship.

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Other insight from the survey

Around 12 per cent of people who are aged 65 or over in the South West claim that the only reason they would stop having sex is a lack of opportunity.

Romantic love, friendships and receiving a hug are some of the most important things to people over 65.

Condoms are the most popular form of protection against Sexually Transmitted Infections for this age group, but 9 per cent say they don’t use any form of STI protection.

Thirteen per cent of people who are aged 65 and over say that having sex is their favourite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Interestingly enough, this result was higher for the over-65 population than it was for any other age group.

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