How to treat eczema with a natural remedy made from dandelion


The dandelion is almost 1000 years a multipurpose remedy can cure liver disease, digestive disorders and even skin problems. Now, far from being the classic grandmother remedy, science also supports many of these benefits: one of them is the treatment of eczema.

Eczema is a general term used to refer to dermatitis or inflammation of the skin. As you know, there are different degrees of dermatitis, atopic from that which is the most serious until that allergic.

It should be noted that eczema and psoriasis are two completely different processes. It ‘important to emphasize this because some people think that look after the same manner. Psoriasis occurs with skin peeling and blanching, and requires a different treatment than eczema. Therefore, in this case the dandelion will not be as effective as in the case of a simple dermatitis.

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Dandelion, a natural purifier

The sap of the dandelion has always been used as a natural treatment for skin diseases. Whether used topically in an infusion, it becomes an effective remedy due to its antimicrobial and anti-fungal action.

In addition, the dandelion is a very effective alkaline remedy to cleanse the body and relieve hormonal disorders that lead to skin diseases.

The antioxidant action of this plant acts directly on skin cells to alleviate inflammation. Thanks to vitamins A, C, D, and B, as well as to its content of magnesium, iron, zinc and calcium, it helps to reconstruct the damaged tissue where it develops the dermatitis.

Moreover, its action on the liver benefits skin care: when the liver does not filter toxins the effects are seen perfectly on the skin, which accumulates liquid, it appears acne, becomes inflamed, itchy and even changes of hue.

A dandelion infused taken regularly is able to provide a high number of antioxidants such as vitamin C and luteolin, useful to improve liver function and, therefore, to increase the immune system to cope with eczema.

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The dandelion to alleviate dermatitis or eczema

Here is a simple recipe for Grandma for an infusion made with dandelion.


  • 200 ml of water
  • 1 teaspoon of dandelion
  • Honey


Treat it like any infusion: Put water on to boil and, once it comes to a boil, add the dandelion tsp. Let steep 15 minutes and let stand for another 5. Drain and, if you want to sweeten it, add a little honey.


Grandma may want to take dandelion tea every night. As mentioned, the relationship between the liver and the skin is very intimate. So, to improve and heal the liver function should be taken before bedtime.

Thus, it promotes the regeneration of the body at that time, which will be purified from toxins. It is important to stress the importance of taking the tea every night: thus, the body gets used and will harmonize these detoxification functions to reduce the inflammation that causes eczema.

Contraindications of the dandelion

It is worth mentioning that it is not advisable to take the dandelion in the following circumstances:

  • Gallstones: Dandelion stimulates the gallbladder by increasing bile production.
  • Kidney Stones: The dandelion leaves contain a large amount of oxalates, which favor the formation of stones.
  • Heartburn: Dandelion stimulates the gastric juices, therefore, is not suitable for those suffering from heartburn or reflux.
  • Stomach ulcer: In case of stomach ulcers is not recommended dandelion consumption. The reason is the same: it increases the gastric juices.

In addition, the dandelion cannot be combined with certain medications, such as lithium or antibiotics. Check with your doctor before taking this product.

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