How to sleep well in summer

sleep well in summer

Even those who love the summer cannot deny the negative aspects of the most fun and carefree season of the year. The stuffiness in cities, for example. During the day, sunlight and air pollution make the moisture-laden air that emanates night preventing sleep and proper rest.

sleep well in summer
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How to counter the summer heat at night

Believe it or not, sleep well in the summer you can even with a high humidity that makes the unbearable sultriness. Just follow a few simple tips.

Hot air rises, the cold descends: The first tip for good sleeping with the summer heat is based on this principle: rest on a futon or a low bed improves the moisture perception and eases a more continuous sleep and fresh.

Cold feet and wrists: Body temperature is affected by that of the ends, then feet and wrists. Not surprisingly, in winter it is suggested to cover with thick socks and woolen gloves to retain heat. Similarly, in the summer, before going to sleep it is helpful to make a cool shower to give relief to the entire body and, in particular, on foot and wrist: the cool night will be more prolonged.

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Better watermelon ice cream: The summer fruit is rich in water, minerals and vitamins that make it perfect to drink without added weight as, instead, making ice cream. You cannot give up a good artisan ice cream cone, but before bed is best to avoid fat and calories too that, along the sultry, compromise the good sleep.

More salt and less spicy: It is thought that the aid spicy cuisine to dissipate body heat because it dilates blood vessels. This is true in part: Before dissipate, eating spicy temperature of the salt body and inevitably increases the feeling of warm and muggy. Better to focus on a little bit of extra salt: in a balanced diet, increase the amount of iodine in summer contrasts the sudden pressure drop and avoids weak even at night.

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