How to shape eyebrows

Shape eyebrows

The shape of the eyebrows is very important for the expression of the face. Eyebrows with a high arch can give the face a surprised expression. Eyebrows slightly curves make it more ‘upbeat’ while straight eyebrows can make a sad, almost angry face.

It is therefore very important to give a form ‘designed’ to the eyebrows. No wonder there are beauticians who deal exclusively eyebrows.

Giving shape to the eyebrows is a job that requires maximum attention. For the perfect shape, it is best to consult a specialist. Once you have found the perfect shape, you can keep it for themselves at home. If you do not have the ability to rely on experienced hands, then follow our advice below. Always remember that it is better to take a little rather than too much (could not grow back). Then respected as much as possible their natural form.

Shape eyebrows
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Some practical advice

The distance between the brows should be equal to the distance between the eyes. You can easily determine the point where the eyebrows should start by holding a pencil vertically along the side of the nose.

The eyebrow should begin at the point where the pencil intersects the eyebrow. Mark this point with eyebrow pencil.

1. Brush your eyebrows

Before touching the eyebrows with scissors and tweezers, it is important to brush them so that all the hairs fall in place otherwise you run the risk of removing hair too.

2. Cut the eyebrows

Before you start with the tweezers, it is better to shorten with scissors too long eyebrows. Otherwise you may create, by removing these hairs that disturb the shape because too long, voids in the center of the eyebrows.

3. Shave your eyebrows

If the skin around the eyebrows is sensitive, anesthetizes passing an ice cube. It is always better then shaves the eyebrows immediately after the shower because the hairs are left to remove it more easily. Better yet after the evening shower, so the skin has all night to recover.

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4. Work systematically

Started inside the eyebrow then working outward. Do not touch the area above the eyebrows, but only cleaned the area between the eyebrows and below. A guideline to shape the eyebrows (the part below, for instance): the height at the end of the eyebrow is more or less half the height of the top of the eyebrow.

Two tips: if you set eyes, keep the distance between the eyebrows slightly smaller. If the eyes are rather close, then keep the distance between the slightly wider eyebrows.

5. Hair for hair

Remove hair by hair. Do not remove never more than one hair at a time. Before removing a hair, set with care where the root. If this is in the middle of the eyebrow, do not touch it.

6. Take the time

Check the shape of the eyebrow, in seeing a bit ‘more from afar, after every few hairs removed. Remove a hair too much can ruin the shape already. Work both eyebrows simultaneously to achieve a perfect symmetry as possible.

7. Calming Cream

Applied after shaving, a soothing cream on the area around the eyebrows. Even the classic slices of watermelon can give relief.

8. Finishing touch

Brush again, putting every hair in place. If you prefer full eyebrows, brush up. For finer eyebrows, brush in the direction of growth.

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