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How to lose weight or ways to lose weight that you should not use

Excess weight is currently a real problem for every third woman and every fifth man. And if you take into account the fact that every sixth inhabitant of our planet is obese, it becomes clear why the question “How to lose weight?” is so common.

Indeed, the diagnosed “obesity” means that the potential lifespan of such a patient in an instant decreased by 7 years. Thus, obesity of any degree takes from us not only health and strength, but most importantly – life. According to WHO, 2 million 600 thousand people die from excessive weight or obesity each year.

Of course, there are many ways to lose weight. Almost any printed or online edition offers a variety of ways to lose weight. But, we will analyze them in turn to find out why they do not help in the process of losing weight.

Exercises on weight loss training apparatus

Exercises on a power trainer are often chosen by men as a way to lose weight. It seems that if you make an effort to overcome the resistance force, then the body will spend excess fat reserves and slimming will occur.

Unfortunately, strength exercises, in general, do not lead to the consumption of fatty tissue, tk. Efforts last an insufficient amount of time to start the consumption of fat. With intensive, but short-term efforts, another type of energy is consumed: glycogen. And since in the process of training there is an increase in muscle mass, the weight of a person occupying a power trainer usually increases. And although there is nothing wrong with this increase in body weight, it will not be possible to lose weight in this way.

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Myostimulants as a way to lose weight

Myostimulants became known to a large number of people after active advertising on television. In this advertising, myostimulators were presented as the simplest and easiest way to lose weight.

Indeed, it seems that there is nothing easier than putting on a myostimulator a butterfly or waist-belt and doing your own thing. And at this time, excess fat will be burned.

Unfortunately, not only the subcutaneous layers of the body are susceptible to obesity, but also internal organs. For example, the so-called. Visceral fat (fat inside the abdomen) is even isolated by physicians in a separate endocrine organ, which can lead to grave health consequences: increased blood pressure, heart diseases and strokes. And to get rid of the internal fat it is not enough to strain the muscles of the stomach slightly under the influence of weak impulses.

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Vibrator will help you lose weight?

Vibromassage is very popular among women as a way to lose weight. And although the results of using this method cannot lose weight for the simple reason that fat cannot be got rid of by simply shaking it, nevertheless, whole lines are being built in the gyms in the gyms.

Of course, as a massage tool vibromassage can be useful, however, one must understand that in this way it is impossible to lose weight, because there is no expense, and therefore there is no weight loss.

Shorts and belt for losing weight

Two more widely advertised ways to lose weight – it’s shorts and a belt for losing weight. These two methods of getting rid of excess weight are based on the same principle: when using them, intense sweating occurs, and, consequently, the discharge of weight due to water.

Indeed, the splitting of fats produces water, which is not necessarily eliminated from the body. If the body lacks water, the water formed in the process of fission of fats will simply satisfy this shortage. If there is no shortage of water, then this water will simply be removed from the body.

The problem is that it is not enough simply to sweat for fat burning. It is necessary to force the body to use fat stores for energy needs, which shorts and a belt for weight loss cannot be done in any way.

Easy way to lose weight

The methods and principles of weight loss cannot be described in one or more sentences. But it is possible to offer a very simple and easy way to lose weight. You cannot exhaust yourself with long runs and starvation, you do not need to buy expensive and useless drugs. All that needs to be done in order that excess weight began to disappear day by day, is to reduce your diet for the time of weight loss.

With a generally accepted norm of 2500 kilocalories per day for 3-4 meals, you need to reduce the daily nutritional value of the eaten food to 1000 kilocalories per day, also for 3-4 meals. In this case, the body will not receive energy in the amount of 1500 kilocalories per day. And in order to cover the missing amount, unpack their internal energy reserves – fat deposits. And since the energy value of 1 gram of fat is 9, 3 kilocalories, then for one such day you are guaranteed to lose about 161 grams of pure fat. And if it seems to you that it is not a lot, then you are mistaken. And if you continue this process of dumping excess weight and on, then you will see for yourself that this is so.

After achieving the desired body weight values, it is necessary to adjust the diet so that the daily diet is not more than 2500 kilocalories (for an average person engaged in mental or easy physical labor).

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