How to live with excess skin?


Very few people manage to take off 100 lbs / 45 kilos of fat or more and keep it off. Those who do often find themselves caught in a blanket of loose skin.

Fifty-five-year-old British citizen Paul Mason, once weighed 70 stone. For those who are unfamiliar with the old English measurement system, which is the equivalent of 980 pounds or about 450 kilograms.

CBS reporter Julie Loncich would have said “It was so bad, that the thought of one day, I walked into the kitchen full of food just freaked me scared me. It’s like an alcoholic sets foot in a bar.”

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What drives someone to eat enough to weigh almost 1000 lbs / 450 kilos?

In other interviews, Mason back to the emotional problems that led to overeating with verbal abuse by his father and sexually by a woman from his family when he was a child. Classmates tormented him. He tried to work as a postman for several years, but its weight left him disabled. He had to leave his job and go on welfare, go live with his mother after his father died.

Mason ate himself into oblivion, eat, nap, eat, nap, eat, sleep some more. Eventually I had to have nursing care for twenty four hours a day. Attendees had to lift it with a crane to change your underwear. When Mason had to have a hernia operation in 2002, he was removed from his mother’s house only after a demolition team carry out the removal of a wall of the house, and was taken to hospital with a forklift. Then he was given a house, thanks to housing association, with extra wide doors. Mason assistants cost the National Health Service is estimated to cost around £ 1,000,000.

Mason, however, is not resigned to his fate. In 2010, in the UK, he had a gastric bypass surgery. As viewers extremely popular Discover program “My Life 600 Libra” understand and many bariatric doctors testified, gastric bypass surgery was not enough to guarantee weight loss. Mason also found the willpower to eat less in order that his bypass surgery would allow him lose weight and stay in shape.

In 2015, Mason had lost a staggering 650 pounds (about 350 kilograms). By working hard to improve their health over five years, which had lost about 2/3 of its previous body mass. With its extreme weight loss, however, he acquired another problem. Mason was wrapped in a fur cloak.

How to live with excess skin?

According to Paul Mason, excess skin became extreme disability. Around her thighs. Stomach area became like the folds of a curtain. The skin hung from his arms. Mason had difficulty taking more than one or two steps at a time, so that despite his success with your diet, had to use crutches or a wheelchair. The folds of his skin often infected.

Doctors in Britain refused to perform surgery Skin Mason, but had a surprising series of lucky breaks. An article about Mr. Mason appeared in the New York Times. A doctor who saw the article called his daughter who is also a physician and plastic surgeon. The mother of the doctor told his daughter Dr. Jennifer Capla, “You have to help this man.”

Dr. Capla called Mason at his home in Ipswich, England. He said that if he could reach the United States, would take place surgery and give up their fees. Dr. Capla specializes in surgical removal of the skin after extreme weight loss, and has performed the operation of the contestants in another popular series of American television, the biggest loser. But Mason would be the greatest of patients who had never worked.

At the same time, an American woman named Rebecca mountain Mason started talking to Skype. He had not been in a serious relationship for several years. Mason had not been in a serious relationship for 25 years. Mrs. Mountain leaned against the manufacture of furniture for cats and was not rich. However, he managed to save enough to travel to England and Mason meet in person. Your trip, told the New York Times “It was like seeing an old friend because we had already built that level of conversation and confidence.” Then both were taken to New York for an appearance on the morning of ABC and Mrs. Mountain proposed in the air, live.

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How it is passing through reduction surgery skin after extreme weight loss?

Even people who have succeeded in losing large amounts of weight, many reach their ideal weight before they can undergo an operation to reduce the skin. And even people who achieved a stable and desirable weight may have to deal with nutritional problems before they can be sent to the operating room. The process of severe calorie reduction can lead to deficiencies in iron, calcium, phosphorus, folic acid and vitamin B12 , and fat – soluble vitamins that have to be remedied before the procedure can be considered.

Another issue in reduction surgery is skin that stubborn fat deposits can persist even after weight loss. These are removed by liposuction sometimes. Yet another problem is that removal of the skin affects the circulation. The surgeon must ensure that the pressure changes in the internal organs does not cause loss of circulation.

When these obstacles are removed, the surgical procedure is usually something like this:

  • During the first surgery, or the early hours of a very long time as Mr. Mason surgery, surgery excess skin in the abdomen and torso is directed.
  • During the second surgery, or the central hours of surgery lengthy review of the skin, the surgeon works with his hands, feet, arms, legs and breasts.
  • During the third surgery, or the last hours of surgery lengthy review of the skin, the surgeon removes excess skin of the face and neck.

If there is a universal response to surgery to reduce the skin, it is that patients usually feel intense pain when the anesthesia disappears. Patients have a tendency to cool after having lost their “mantle” of the skin. Hypothermia is a real concern during the first days after recovery. So are blood clots. To prevent deep vein thrombosis patients are equipped with sleeves and compression stocking that pump blood through the legs when in bed, and are encouraged to get up and walk as soon as possible after surgery. About 15 percent of people who have the procedure has a condition known as antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, which requires the doctor to take additional precautions against blood clots.

Usually a few days to a week before the beneficiary of revision surgery skin can walk normally. Usually it is one week to a month before patients can take 10 to 15 pounds (5 to 7 kilos). It may be a year before you feel completely normal. But almost all recipients surgery reported major improvements in quality of life.

There is a footnote to the story of Paul Mason. His surgery was successful. He was able in just a few weeks later, strolling in Central Park in New York City. His relationship with his girlfriend, however, came to an end when he realized that the many changes in his life left him “unmotivated” to pursue romance. He and Rebecca Mountain report that have been separated on good terms.

If there is something that people who have the stamina and willpower to lose large amounts of weight often do not consider it is that other people get used to them the way they are. Changes of the best times leave behind old relationships. A new weight can lead to a completely new life unpredictably.

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