How to defeat the disease?

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To defeat the disease I had to face three challenges …

  • Change mental attitude
  • Dominate thoughts
  • Dedicate time to myself

Do you seem to have 3 big problems and difficult to reach? Read my tips and find out the strategies I’ve put in for the best on the disease: I am sure that in the end everything will look simpler!

defeat the disease

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1) Change mental attitude

In the face of my health problem, change has played a key role.

I was experiencing a complicated, stressful and terribly painful period; however, even though the solution to my problems seemed to be far off, I realized that I had to work on my mental attitude.

If what I had done so far had brought me to the illness, then something had to change.

2) Dominate thoughts

My mind tended to produce unconsciously negative thoughts, self-limiting, and sometimes even destructive. This had created such beliefs so rooted in making me make choices not always so healthy.

After a conscience, I began to transform these convictions and to cultivate strongly in me the desire to be so good as to dominate my thoughts and therefore my actions, succeeding in hindering my decision towards that goal

Meditation in this path and views were a decisive support. They gave me enormous strength and great serenity, contributing considerably to the achievement of my goals. I absolutely recommend it to everyone, regardless of their health.

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3) Dedicate time to myself

Until a few years ago, work, home and family absorbed my energies and my time completely.

Lack of vitality, constant pain, and concentration difficulties had given me a gift: anxiety. I faced everything with a sense of heaviness that made me experience every experience with apprehension and anxiety. The problem obviously was me: I had stopped making time for me and for my well-being; I could not “enjoy” my life anymore.

So slowly I had to regain simple pleasures like a relaxing hot bath, an afternoon from the hairdresser, an aperitif with friends; a trip off the door … facing it all with a more “easy” and less anxious approach.

I recognize that it is not always easy to reconcile everything, but now I can say that the little free time I’m cutting now is really enjoyable. As far as I’m concerned, quality wins on quantity … always!

Therefore, here are the challenges I’ve faced in the last two or three years. They have been and are still good targets in my life and I have to be very careful not to lose sight of them.

And you, to defeat the disease, what challenges have you faced or are you facing? Write below and share your experience, do not hesitate.

Written by Harley

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