How to cleanse the face? Cosmetologist’s advice

cleanse the face

Over time, the appearance of the facial skin changes. Age wrinkles and wrinkles appear, the skin becomes less elastic and elastic. You need to pay more attention to caring for mature skin. Proper skin care means cleaning, nutrition and protection. Therefore, in this article we will try to reveal the question: How to cleanse the face skin at home? 

Popular recipes for cleansing

Especially carefully and carefully, you need to look after the skin of the face and neck of women after 35 years.

The most useful, and effective means for cleaning mature skin of any type is purification with egg yolk …

  • In the enamel bowl put one yolk from a fresh raw egg, add two tablespoons of olive oil, grind well. In the mixture, add two teaspoons of orange juice or grapefruit. To stir thoroughly. On a cotton swab moistened with water, a little mixture is taken and quickly applied to the skin with massaging movements, rubbing the mixture on the skin until the foam appears.
cleanse the face
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We clean the skin quickly to prevent the mixture from being absorbed. Then you should wash your skin with warm water, or remove the remnants of the mixture from the skin with a moist tampon. After cleansing, apply a nourishing cream to the skin. Egg yolk cleaning is carried out several times a week.

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Very useful for mature skin cleaning with oatmeal …

  • Half a glass of oatmeal is chopped in a mixer or mortar, add a teaspoon of soda and mix thoroughly. On the skin soaked with water, apply the mixture with massage movements, gently cleaning the skin. Rinse the mixture off the skin with warm water, rinse with cool water, slightly salted. Then apply your favorite cream on the skin. Skin cleansing with oat flakes several times a week.

After carrying out the described procedures, the skin condition improves significantly. The skin looks well-groomed, wrinkles are smoothed, elasticity and elasticity are increased.

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