How to Best Cope With Stress in College

Stress in College

Let’s face it, there’s no real way to be a college student without experiencing some periods of added stress. Between classes, homework, and socializing, there’s a lot to do, so you are always going to feel as though you are spreading yourself thin and struggling to hold it all together. 

There are definitely are ways that you can relieve a lot of your stress so that you can better balance your time and succeed in college. You just have to know how to make the time to get it all done and still enjoy yourself. Here is how to best cope with stress in college.

Stress in College

Write Everything Down

If you really want to avoid making any major mistakes that could add to your stress, then you want to make sure that you always write everything down in your agenda. Whether you are taking note of the due date for an assignment or the list of supplies you will need to bring for a presentation, you want to make sure that it all gets recorded in your agenda or smart phone. When you get an assignment, make sure you don’t just write down the due date, but also schedule the time you need to get it complete your work your agenda as well.

Don’t Procrastinate

One of the worst things you can do if you are prone to stress is procrastinate. This can be especially hard if you have a heavy course load and plenty of other obligations, but that’s why you need to schedule time for completing all of your assignments and studying for all of your exams. You should always follow your schedule as it’s written and try to complete assignments well ahead of time so that you’re not holding on to a ton of stress and unfinished assignments in your head all day.

Practice Yoga

If you have your schedule more or less organized and you’re still feeling very stressed, then you should definitely find a yoga class to take. In fact, even if you have not managed to get organized, you should take a yoga class. Yoga is one of the best ways to relieve your stress and refocus your mind and body so that you can get back to the rest of the day with energy and a sense of resolve.

Get Some Exercise

If you don’t like yoga, or if yoga isn’t enough for you, then you should definitely find another way to get some exercise. When you exercise, you release endorphins, dopamine and serotonin, which makes you feel good. Also, if you exercise first thing in the morning you will rapidly increase your metabolism so that you will have more energy to take on all of your work throughout the day.

Get Plenty of Sleep

It doesn’t matter if you are studying music at Juilliard or earning UAB’s online masters in accounting, if you are not getting enough sleep then you are always going to feel stressed. In addition, both your work and your health will suffer if you are depriving yourself of sleep. Most people underestimate the dangers of sleep deprivation, but it can really compromise several aspects of your health.

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