How stress affects the beauty

Stress affects the beauty

Emotional stress, whether we like it or not, has become a regular part of the daily routine. The various responsibilities of the world of work, family and personal life, lead us to live in constant movement and a recurring feeling of anxiety. Most of us are aware that being subjected to this pressure can affect, in the medium and long term, our health and cause disease. However, what many do not consider is that the stress and beauty do not get along.

The nervous system disorders affect a variety of ways to beauty and then find some of its consequences…

Stress affects the beauty
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Dark circles

The dark circles are a clear manifestation that something is not working well with your nervous system. They are not produced only by the lack of sleep, but also can be generated because, although you sleep an adequate number of hours, you’re not resting. Another possibility is that you are experiencing some box insomnia or find yourself too busy during the day and at night, but you’re tired, costing you sleep.

Hair loss

Hair loss, because of stress, has a name: nervous alopecia. Unlike hair loss due to other causes that linked to problems in the nervous system it is given only temporarily and at times where the body is subjected to a lot of pressure.

In this type of alopecia, falling hair usually for a period of between 8 to 10 days and when stress is greater, after overcoming the tension stage, the hair grows back.

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The acne

Because stress weakens our defenses, there are greater chances that the bacteria associated with acne end up affecting the body. Whereas this alteration to the skin has its origin in excess fat and sweat, when we are under pressure, production of both elements increases considerably and end causing clogging the pores. Cortisol, a substance that is generated when we are stressed, further enhances the appearance of pimples on his face.

The gray hair

According to a study by the University of New York, whose results were presented in 2013, a clear link between gray hair and stress levels are established. This occurs due to stress-related hormones may adversely affect stem cells, which are generating melanin and that has to do with the pigmentation of our hair and skin. Therefore, stress accelerates the aging process and promotes hair cells eradication allowing the hair coloring.

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Severe redness of the face

The pressure, no doubt, can negatively influence the generation and worsening of dermatological tables, linked to inflammation of the skin. Rosacea can become chronic, due to constant stress, according to the National Rosacea Society 75% of those with the disease, recognize that stress has triggered or worsened the condition.

In the case of these conditions that impair our beauty, it is best to treat the problem at its root psychological. It is not easy to lower speeds and minimize the stress of everyday life, but you can learn how to dose it and channel it through extra work activities to the minimum possible impact on the physical level.

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