Grapefruite A Potent Diuretic And Slimming

Grapefruite A Potent Diuretic And Slimming

Among the citrus during the summer fill the shelves of greengrocers is the grapefruit, also called grapefruit. This fruit is actually a potent diuretic that promotes the expulsion of fluids so it is usually recommended diets. It has an important satiating capacity and far fewer calories than other citrus fruits such as oranges.

Perhaps when you hear talk of grapefruit comes to mind some kind of weight loss program. Contains 90% water which gives an enormous capacity to satiate the stomach providing very few calories, unless mandarins, the oranges or lemons. Its compounds help regulate insulin levels which makes it an indispensable food for diabetics.

Grapefruit contains antioxidants retard aging of the cells, potassium, magnesium, folic acid, vitamin C and oxalic acids or malic. While it is true that grapefruit helps expel liquid diets based solely on the intake of this fruit can be highly detrimental to health will not as providing a variety of nutrients and calories the body in sufficient amounts. While this type of diet you need to drink large amounts of grapefruit juice regimen should be customized and adapted to us with the intake of other foods that provide other nutrients.

A variant of the grapefruit diet is the diet lemon proposed fasting and eating only in the mornings from several of these citrus sugar under the false belief that their fatty acids deleted. Neither grapefruit or lemon help remove the excess fat but to remove excess liquid which however is a weight that quickly recovers.

The major drawback of grapefruit is its bitter taste that make its consumption is very limited despite its nutritional richness. In order to increase the intake of these fruits a team from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) is developing a project to remove dust grapefruit that can be used as if it were a spice or as a snack in a attempt to sweeten this citrus. With 100 grams of grapefruit grapefruit 15 obtained powder and half of this amount can seasoning for example a salad, equivalent to taking the juice of half a grapefruit. In this way we benefit from their nutrients in a form somewhat sweet.

Grapefruit contains more naringenin other citrus fruits, this substance can better dissolve liver fatty acids improve insulin levels of diabetics. On the contrary it has been found that intake increases blood presence of some drugs when consumption is mixed even to boost overdose, so it is necessary to inform the doctor if you mix it with drugs. His administration controlled manner allows alleviate the side effects that some drugs have on patients who have just had major operations as a transplant.

If grapefruit is still a stranger to you try to incorporate it into your diet in the form of juice and discover the immediate benefits it will bring to your digestive system, remember that although they taste sour their meager calorie leave you room to sweeten a little …

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