Go to bed only in a good mood

good mood

It has long been no secret that experiencing negative emotions is harmful not only for health. The influence of bad mood has been investigated from all sides so far, and scientists are still finding something new. Studies conducted at the Amherst State University Massachusetts, showed that it is even worse to experience negative emotions right before going to bed.

Scientists managed to fix the fact that the negative situation is processed by a person much faster, if after an unpleasant history he continues to stay awake. If, after a negativity, a person goes to bed, his negative emotional response seems to be “defended” by the brain. It turns out that you are obsessed with an unpleasant situation and are experiencing it again and again, as in a nightmare.

good mood
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Neurologists believe that such a preservation of the negative and experience of it once again survived from those distant times in which a person’s life depended on the speed of his reaction and legs – the negative experience in life-threatening situations was experienced once more and was stored in memory so that the person could avoid similar situations in the future.

But since now we live in a world that has changed significantly since then, going to bed with negative emotions is more harmful than helpful. If we consider that the pace of life accelerated, the stressful situation became much larger and we began to bother because of much more less significant things – the last thing we need is stress during sleep.

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Therefore, try not to go to bed with negative emotions, get rid of them, as from unnecessary trash. Listen to pleasant music before going to bed, read your favorite book or watch a nice film. Better still, take a walk before going to bed or do yoga.

For complete relaxation, you can try Shavasana or the “Pose of the Dead” – a very interesting state when you are on the fine line between sleeping and waking.

Lie on the floor on the back, hands along the trunk with the palms up.

Mentally relax, starting from your feet (the toes are relaxed, the feet are relaxed, the calves are relaxed, etc.), and so, gradually passing through all the organs and parts of the body, come to the relaxation of the face and eyes. In this position, you can lie in for 10-15 minutes. After it there is a pleasant sensation of emptiness in the head and lightness in the body;).

Try to avoid the negative at least before bed and do not swear with people close to you. The resemblance to a constantly barking dog is not that pleasant, especially when you realize it yourself. Pleasant music, pleasant smells and a pleasant state before going to bed – it is much more pleasant to experience such emotions in a dream than a negative. And you will wake up rested, in good spirits, full of energy and ready for any situations.

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