Fun With Frozen Yogurt

Tips and Ideas

A frozen yogurt business is one that can be rewarding. It’s also one that is fun to own as you can decorate in almost any color and serve a treat that your customers will enjoy. Before you open the doors, you need to think about your target audience. It could be children who will likely lead the parents into the store so that they can get a cold treat or adults who are looking for a healthy alternative to ice cream. Decorate based on the target audience, and offer toppings and yogurt flavors based on the audience as well. Adults will likely want the sophisticated flavors, like cheesecake or fresh fruits while children will probably want something fun, like cotton candy or peppermint.

Decide whether you will offer self-serve yogurt or yogurt that you scoop from large tubs. Self-serve is usually the best option as it allows customers to be able to get what they want and as much as they want. They can also mi the flavors if you have a handle in the middle of two flavors that will allow them to join together. Apply for all of the permits before opening the business. You need to talk to the health department to get the business inspected to ensure that everything is up to code and in the proper working condition. There will be regular inspections to ensure that the business is clean and that nothing is out of date.

Set up the tables and chairs in a way that is inviting. Brighter colors or green, pink, yellow and blue are ideal for a frozen yogurt company. They are inviting and fun, drawing in customers who want to enjoy their treat inside instead of taking it home. A small outdoor area with benches or tables with umbrellas is an idea as well, especially so that customers have somewhere to eat when it’s warm outside. Keep a healthy supply of inventory in the store. You need to have cups, spoons, napkins and bowls. You could also have a few extra bags of toppings available, but don’t let fresh ingredients sit for longer than a day as they might turn brown or become unhealthy for consumption.

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