Five Essential Dribbling Skills

The most outstanding football players in the world almost always possess superior dribbling skills. Able to remain in full control of the ball even when running at full speed and outmanoeuvring the other side’s defenders, top-class dribbling skills allow them to play better, as they can give themselves the necessary space and time to make the most of every shot.

Five Essential Dribbling Skills
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Dribbling is an absolutely crucial skill in football, as it opens up opportunities for both individual players and teams. Dribbling can be put to good use by all players, regardless of their position within the team or on the pitch. Dribbling is most effective when players keep their heads up so they are fully aware of what is happening around them, making it easier to decide whether to keep possession of a ball or pass it on.

The best way to improve dribbling is to put players through a series of soccer drills aimed at building up the key skills. By working their way through these drills, both during training sessions and in the time between training sessions, players will quickly perfect the techniques they need to perform better on the field.

Coming up with a good variety of drills that are fun and rewarding is essential if you don’t want your players to lose their motivation or enthusiasm. Finding the right drills doesn’t just take time, it also requires knowledge of how various exercises can build on one another to best accelerate a player’s development. Busy coaches now have the option of turning to a company such as to gain access to a bank of hundreds of tried and trusted training games and drills that can be used to put together a comprehensive coaching plan.


Lionel Messi is widely regarded as one of the best dribblers in the world and is regularly seen moving at high speed while maintaining close control of the ball. Like all good players, Messi does not dribble without a specific reason – either to get past a member of the opposite team, set up a team mate or to put himself in a position where he can shoot for goal. You may not be able to turn any of your players into Lionel Messi, but the right drills and coaching can ensure that every member of your team is able to reach their full potential.

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