Feet Hurt? Choose Orthopedic Shoes!


Good orthopedic shoes help prevent your feet hurt

At the base of the feet hurt and many other disorders, affecting the lower limbs is a habit wrong in shoes: too high or too low, they are still harmful.

A problem common to all ages

According to some statistics, the feet hurt (in its various forms) is a disorder that affects almost half of Italians, mostly women, especially over 50: after years of “locking up” the feet in tight shoes and not just synonymous with comfort (by choice, but often for the fashion diktat), the effects are felt and pain and swelling are the order of the day. Increasingly, though, to be affected are young people under 30; Here the age has nothing to do, so the causes are to be found in bad habits: bad posture, shoes “wrong” not very comfortable that we do not walk in the right way, little attention to foot care can give birth to more or less noise serious long before the standard.

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The discomfort between high …

Speaking of shoes “problematic”, it all smacks of high heels; in fact, often the sore feet (women) are caused by excessive use of high-heeled shoes. First, the position in which the feet are forced to stay when you are wearing this type of footwear is unnatural and affects the distribution of body weight and the general posture (because for bilanciarci and not to crash inarchiamo back); no less important, however, it is the “responsibility” to be attributed to the narrow tips that usually associated with the heels and shake your fingers increasing the risk of disorders such as hallux valgus (very common in these cases). The solution does not necessarily have the complete surrender and total high shoes, but you have to learn how to wear the right: not too many consecutive hours, preferably not in the morning, avoiding to stand too long (sometimes sit down to rest the feet!); also best to choose heels not too high (the ideal? 5 cm, no more), shoes not too tight and free of straps (which “squeeze” even more feet and ankles).

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And downs …

Beware, though: the fault is not always just for heels! Even the sneakers, for example, can be harmful in the long; it seems incredible, given that we consider a type of shoe altogether comfortable … or perhaps too comfortable, it is true that there are those – particularly among the very young – almost always tends to wear them. And this is precisely the error to avoid: sports shoes can indeed cause sweating problems with harmful consequences for the skin and nails of the feet, such as irritations and fungal infections (which also give rise to the classic bad smell “by feet”). Another type of shoe in the dock is the “dancer”, the women’s shoes almost no upside: in the long run, walk with the foot low shot hurts the joints, improperly load the foot with microtrauma at every step and, not Finally, it urges us to take a wrong position of the fingers – the “claw” due to fear of losing the shoe (which, remember, has no laces). In these cases, such as the heels, the rule of moderation: if we want to wear similar shoes, let’s just do it for short periods and if you cannot every day.

Better take it easy!

Neither too low nor too high, in fact; we have to find “the golden mean” or the issue is more complex? What makes a great shoe for our foot? It is not just the heel to make a difference, what we need is a “shoe” in a literal sense: something that fits perfectly with the physical shape (which is unique) of your feet, do not force it into tight spaces and unnatural positions. In short, a shoe tailored; Of course, it is not always possible to find it (or have it create ad hoc), but there are steps you can take to get closer to the ideal model. First of all, the choice of orthotics and orthopedic shoes, specially designed to fit the silhouette of the foot and store the contours, so as to provide maximum comfort every time you wear them; usually, the rise of these shoes is proportional to the purpose of the adoption in the feet, ankles and – consequently – the body as a whole the best position is as we walk when we are still standing (in the workplace, in the queue at the post office, at an exhibition, etc.). The models on the market, then, are so many and varied that there is plenty of choice in terms of aesthetics and personal taste! When it comes to feet, in conclusion being, it is better to … take it easy!

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