Fasting Diet: detoxify your body!

Fasting Diet

Unfortunately, the days of Christmas and delicious foods of this period have come to an end. It is sad, but also a bit of relief, and it is that after so much commitment to tapas, cocktails and food for mother or grandmother (materialization of absolute pleasure) is normal to feel bloated heavily or have gained a few pounds more. Find out how to get rid of them detoxifying and purifying your body at the same time.

If the company dinner, that if Eve and Christmas Eve, that if the roulade, if a glass to toast, if the snack food becomes, is extended to snack and is complete with dinner … Come on, almost nothing! With so much culinary event it is impossible not to have won in happiness and love handles, and so on days, post-holiday diets are the protagonists in all conversations. They come in protein, Express, based on vegetables …


They come in all shapes and colors, but we offer here is not too sophisticated, although effective. It purifies regenerates and detoxifies the body. Who will? In effect, our proposal to change the chip after Christmas is … The diet of fasting!

What is fast diet?

The New Year is full of good an intention, that’s nothing new. If you’re willing to lose the kilos you gained over the holidays, but do not have time for the gym, or go to a nutritionist for advice a system to measure, then your diet these days it is the cleansing. With this type of diets, detox gets back your figure and eliminate all toxins restoring your body’s natural balance.

One of the most effective ways of cleansing diets is that of therapeutic fasting, during which, for a limited period, the daily intake is reduced to liquid food, which can range from juices all kinds of broth to vegetables, tea, infusions and, of course, water.

Fasting Diet

With this combination, your body is nourished with vitamins and minerals necessary for your body, and you get reduce stress, recharge, rehydrate your skin and, of course, eliminate fat. Best of all, you will only need three to six days to get this!

Tips to carry it out

The first thing to know before preparing to perform fasting diet is that it must be controlled in time, so it is advisable to do it for three, four or five days, and never six.

Another healthy tip you should keep in mind is that the day before and the day after making the raw diet and light foods are eaten, first to prepare our body and then to bridge between diet and fasting return to normal. In addition, it is preferable not have scheduled big physical activities for the days of fasting, because your body will be receiving a lower caloric intake which he is accustomed.

It is also advisable to avoid caffeine and alcohol, both of which produce dehydration, and with this diet is what we intend to hydrate our body everything we can. In addition, one of the curious things that happen with this diet are that increased levels of adrenaline and decreases insulin, which produces a sense of energy and vitality very motivating. So you will not miss the coffee. Once finished, though, we recommend returning to your regular diet, but always in a balanced way and doing some sport. Check out these tips for how to carry it out.

Some cleansing recipes

As already mentioned, during the days when you’re doing this diet, fruits and vegetables in all their liquid variants will be your tools. But if your imagination suggests you only orange juice and puree zucchini, here is some couple of recipes that we can come in handy to put a little color to our diet.

  • Liquid cleanser and antioxidant:
    Ingredients: 2 apples, 2 carrots, celery and 1 strip of half a lemon.
    Preparation: all together in a blender and ready to serve. Preferably in the morning / afternoon.
  • Broth cleanser
    Ingredients: 1 onion, 1 leek, a little fennel, 1 carrot, 1 turnip.
    Preparation: Boil all together with a little salt, black pepper, and Kombu seaweed. Preferably at dinner (evening / night).

Undoubtedly, one of the healthiest dishes that cannot resist throughout the year, those are the salads! Here we show a selection of the most appetizing for you to take note and try, they are delicious!

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