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Kratom is a drug that has made the news recently because the DEA proposed a move to classify the leaves of this tree as a Schedule 1 drug. This classification means that the plant will be placed in the same category as drugs like LSD and heroin. The question is that a supplement that’s derived from a tree native to Southeast Asia and belonging to the same species from which coffee is obtained, really like heroin? The only way to determine it is to know more about Kratom and what it can do.

It is derived from a tree called the Mitragyna speciose, which belongs to the coffee family that’s indigenous to the Southeast Asian region. The term Kratom has been given as a nickname for the drug that’s obtained from the tree quite similar to the way marijuana is the nickname given to the drug obtained from the cannabis plant. For centuries, Kratom has been used in Asia, especially in Thailand and Indonesia, as a substitute for opium and for enhancing productivity. In modern times, a number of benefits of Kratom have been discovered. The uses of the plant include treating restless leg syndrome, increasing sex drive, relieving pain and plain old recreation.

As a matter of fact, it was also discovered that Kratom can increase motivation in people, improve their concentration, boost mood and energy and thereby help them in getting things done. However, the most important and medicinal use of Kratom is as an unofficial substitute for methadone for helping people throw off the addiction of heroin. A large number of people who are suffering from this addiction find Kratom to be highly appealing because it can easily be ordered online rather than needing them to go to a clinic. In addition, it not only makes the transition to sobriety easier, but it can also be great for combating cravings you suffer and reduces the withdrawal symptoms.

You can take Kratom in a number of ways like marijuana. It is possible to crush Kratom into powder, add it to a liquid and then drink it. You can also chew Kratom leaves, chew Kratom gum, put it into capsules or take a resin. It is better to take Kratom in capsule form or mix it in some liquid because otherwise it is very bitter and difficult to consume. When it is taken in low doses, Kratom plays the role of a stimulant in the same way as cocaine, but it can provide an opioid effect when the dosage is increased. Within 5 to 15 minutes of consuming Kratom, its effects can be felt and they will usually last for about 2 to 5 hours.

Generally, Kratom is safe, but it remains benign as extensive clinical studies are yet to be conducted. Yes, the response is generally positive, but in some cases, some side effects have also come to light that range from dizziness, dry mouth, itchy skin and constipation amongst others. Therefore, it should be used with caution.

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