Erectile Dysfunction and Music

Erectile dysfunction (ED) more often than not has a physical basis in fact in about 60 percent of the cases. However, there can be psychological reasons as well. In some cases, the entire problem is psychological. If you are having a stressful time whether it be due to family, work, financial issues or perhaps your overweight and sensitive about it, there is a way to get yourself back on track. Believe it or not, all you need to do is listen to music. This is one of the best therapies for stress and certainly can help you with your ED.

Music Therapy Types

There are all kinds of music CDs you can buy or you can listen online and these music therapies come in all forms from rain and lightening storms, ocean sounds, birds chirping, classical music and meditation forms. So, you have a wide range to choose from. No doubt that this provides for a sense of well-being. Quite often you will listen to music of this type by yourself which is nice because it gives you a sense of privacy and some time to yourself with no stress. Each music piece contains different elements so that you can achieve the psychological benefit. Whether you have financial, family, work, or overweight issues, music can be the way to gain strength to make changes and get things under control. This certainly has to do wonders for any psychological concerns you have with ED. These music compositions are actually quite complex. Scientifically speaking, music therapy is an area of science that researches relationships between complicated sounds and humans. This is a relatively new area of study in terms of Western endeavors and is growing leaps and bounds. It has been reported to cure and/or prevent certain diseases.


What to Expect with Music Therapy

You might wonder what to expect when using music therapy to help correct your ED issue? Music treatment often brings about a sense of relaxation and openness. By openness, I mean being able to talk with other people freely. This would be particularly important with ED because this will help to talk to your partner better. So, you not only benefit from this therapy but your partner does as well. In fact, everyone around you will benefit from it. Music therapy goes even further by bringing about a better understanding of how to cope with hurdles that often set us alone.

ED and Weight Loss

Particularly, if your ED is due to being overweight, music therapy can work wonders. You may be shy about being overweight and don’t feel good about your body. Music therapy can help you feel more comfortable about yourself in terms of accepting yourself. This may also give you incentive to begin losing weight. Music therapy can give you the will power. This would certainly have to relieve some of your ED problems so that you can perform the way you would like. It also provides for learning of self and creating a path to follow. It provides for organization and planning so you can achieve your goals.

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