Emergency Room or a Free Standing ER?

It is likely that at some point in your life you will need to go to an emergency room. Whether it is a fall, symptoms of a heart attack, or an unexplained illness at 3 am, it is best to seek medical attention to prevent further problems.

An Alternative to the Typical Emergency Room

Another solution for people who need emergency care quickly is a free standing emergency center. The centers can handle any situation a hospital-based emergency room handles. They are open and fully staffed 24/7. The free standing centers such as Cypress Creek ER, an emergency room spring tx are becoming popular for several reasons.

When visiting a free standing emergency center you will not have the long wait that is typical of emergency rooms. Many emergency rooms become overwhelmed by the number of people that show up seeking medical treatment and the visit turns into a “hurry up and wait” situation. When you are ill, this can be frustrating.

They are often easier to access, physicians are always available, and their lab operates 24/7 providing access to x-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds, and other laboratory tests. When a prescription is needed they have a pharmacy. Another advantage is that the centers work with hospitals in the event that a patient needs to be admitted for further treatment.

Unlike urgent care facilities that are usually only open during normal business hours and are equipped to handle minor emergencies and illness, a free standing center can handle life threatening illness and injuries. Their staff is trained and experienced in emergency medical care so they provide the same type of medical care that you would receive in a hospital emergency room.

The benefits of a free standing emergency center can be particularly helpful in areas that do not have urgent care facilities and only one hospital for many miles. They can help ease the load for the hospital emergency room and patients can get the care needed.

The centers accept most medical insurance as well as major credit cards. The prices charged are no higher than what an emergency room charges. In fact, they are more affordable for patients who do not have emergencies that are life-threatening. In addition, if your insurance provides a co-pay for emergency room visits, it will apply for stand alone emergency centers. It has been suggested that free standing emergency centers may actually help to lower insurance premiums.

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