Easy Exercises to strengthen legs at home

The following exercises to strengthen the legs are very simple, free, and highly effective and can do quietly at home.

Exercises to strengthen legs

While swimming (especially mode back better than front crawl), cycling, walking briskly, climbing stairs or slopes help keep tone muscles, today I propose this simple table to strengthen legs for which you need not go to the gym.

It is very easy to perform. You only need a soft stable surface, but a couple of square meters and about twenty minutes a day for you. In a few months (about six, this is not as fast) you’ll notice your most stylized and strong legs.

If you are the type who can enjoy the gym, aside from the treadmill-running or skiing simulator, you can use the machine that makes you move your knees clenching and unclenching with some weights. Remember that it is very unattractive and unfeminine excessive muscle, so do not overdo.

Easy Exercises
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With these moves, plus you get to keep the complicated tone circulatory system of the body. Notes here are the exercises:

1. Lying and bicycle movement

Keep the trunk on the ground. Raise the buttocks and the whole bottom of the body up. If you have trouble, you use your hands on the lower half of the back. Move your legs simulating cycling. Repeat the movement ten times starting with a number (work-rest) a minute and go up gradually.

2. Exercise of earwigs lying

If leaving the previously marked position, moves the cross – shaped limbs without bending the knees. Do not forget to maintain proper breathing. It is also important that you keep contracted the abdomen. You can do the series at the same rate as before. It is undoubtedly one of the exercises to strengthen the simplest and most effective legs.

3. Exercise of earwigs Side

If you have a hard time keeping legs elevated, you can start making earwigs side. Lie on one side supporting the entire trunk in the body and head helping hand. Raise your legs from five to fifteen centimeters above the ground. Begins to move from left to right. After the series of ten, switch sides.

4. Pilates exercises with legs

The tasks described just above act more effectively, if you use the classic methods of Pilates. You have to start controlling the breath and contracting the abdomen, while expelling all the air from the lungs. So you get a relaxing effect and also strengthen and work all the muscles of the back, which is essential to have beautiful legs.

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One of the exercises to strengthen the legs simplest is lying on his back, hands on the floor. Lift your legs about twenty centimeters and in that position alternately moving the calves from the bottom up. It begins with a series of five at either end.

5. Movements with legs intertwined

More complicated is the following. You have to lie on its side. Place one leg over the other ahead or behind (as it more comfortable for you) form a triangle. Leg raises have stretched as five centimeters and move it up and down. Start with five series and go up gradually. Do not forget the other side, which you must repeat the series.

Did you know…?

It is very difficult to have a toned and strong legs if you lead a sedentary life and if you do not maintain good posture while walking. You also have to have shaped the abdomen and hips at the same time perform these movements. And do not expect to get some results, with courage and perseverance, until after a few months.

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