6 Common Errors in Dust Collection

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Dust collection is not only aesthetic discomfort: people with allergies are especially sensitive even to externally clean apartments. At home, it will be easier to breathe if you avoid major mistakes when cleaning dust.

Dust Collection: You still use feathersdust collection

With the help of a bright, but useless object, you only sweep the dust from one object to another.

Napkins made of microfiber or flannel perfectly attract dust and do not carry it around. Do not forget to wipe the napkins on a regular basis, otherwise, you risk spreading the dust over and over again.

Dust Collection: You start cleaning with a floor washdust collection

If you first washed the floor, and then remembered that you need to wipe the dust, get ready for the fact that the floor will have to be washed again. Inconsistent actions will only take away your extra time and energy. Read more: 6 home remedies to burn fat

Remember, cleaning always occurs from the top down: first collect dust, wipe the cabinets, the vacuum in hard-to-reach places, and at the final stage, already conduct a wet cleaning of the floor.

Dust Collection: You do not change the filters in the air conditionerdust collection

Condensate and dust – the ideal environment for the development of fungus. If the air conditioner is used frequently, the filter must be cleaned at least once every two weeks. In addition, remove the dust inside the unit: remove the top cover and walk there with a vacuum cleaner. Read more: Get The Credentials To Begin A Rewarding Career As A DOT Medical Examiner

In this case, you will help a vacuum cleaner with an air filter HEPA. It removes up to 99.5% dust. For example, this is the  Gorenje G-Force. Now you do not have to spend a lot of time and energy on cleaning. Light, easy to operate, super-powerful and powerful vacuum cleaner is a thing that should be in every home.

Dust Collection: You are “keen on” cleaning products

Spraying the cleaning solution directly on the furniture is a bad idea, only if you do not want to create a sticky surface to attract new dust. A small amount of the product is sprayed first onto the rag itself and then wipe the furniture.

And more: do not get carried away with cleaning agents. Regular use of a large amount of “chemistry” will not make cleaning easier, but only harm the health.

Dust Collection: You do not remove hard-to-reach placesdust collection

And thus doom yourself to Sisyphean labor: for example, the ventilation holes most easily spread dust around the room. Vacuum yourself there every time you notice the accumulation of dust.

IN MY ROOM advice: Use a vacuum cleaner with special nozzles to cope with dust in hard-to-reach places. By the way, such are the Gorenje G-Force. And it’s really a super-smart device – what you need for a modern home!

Dust Collection You rarely wash textiles

Dust mite – an unpleasant consequence of the rare washing of textiles. His favorite environment is toys, pillows, and bedspreads.

If the material allows, wash such products at a temperature of at least 60 degrees – so you will not leave any chance to harmful microorganisms. Do not forget about the dry cleaning of blankets and bedspreads, then the amount of dust in your apartment will be minimal.

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