Do you have a tendency to hypochondriasis?


Many people are concerned about their health, a little excessive, since instead of take care of a better life hygiene, good nutrition and physical activity, get to imagine the worst every time they notice something different in her body. A stain, a pain, a sensation, or any symptoms are enough to trigger the alarm. As these concerns can happen to everyone at some time or another, I think it is good time to talk of a sentence.

This too shall pass

I do not know if you know the story of the king’s ring, and the great words of wisdom that is the center of the story: this too shall pass. The moral of the story is that when you do bad or good things, you have to have the perspective to realize that nothing is permanent. Beyond this lesson, to me the phrase seems to me an excellent tool to combat hypochondria.

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If you think of anything, or think you something is happening, and you know that you tend to worry a lot and then realize that it was nothing serious, then I advise you to try and forget what it is you are going, and remember that “this too shall pass.” Let spending a few days a week. Probably two days and you have noticed that it was nothing.

If it does not do the trick, at least you have to resist the temptation to seek information online. Already discussed for some time in the blog, if you’re not a doctor, you do not have enough information to correctly understanding the information, and one that will happen is that you fixated on the worst possibilities associated with your symptoms, regardless of the criteria for whether your fears have some basis (most often do not have).

So, if you cannot stand, your only option is to go to the doctor, and tell your concern. And tell him what you will handle.

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Other tips

If you occasionally feel too much concern for your health, what I suggest is that you become aware of that fact. Try to separate your feeling (fear, anxiety) analysis of the situation. This will not remove the concern, but will allow you to realize one thing is the seriousness of what you have (the risk) quite another is your perception of it (fear). Your health is what it is, regardless of your concern. When you focus something, the only thing that changes is the consciousness that you have on the matter.

I insist on this because if you do this exercise of reflection, you will be more aware of the episodes of concern, and the next time you pass you will remember that before also were afraid and nothing happened. That to help overcome fear.

Of course, a person with hypochondria can also get sick, and occasionally concern will be founded. Hence at a given moment it is advisable to see a doctor to confirm the diagnosis.

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