Diets without carbohydrates, they are healthy

Diets without carbohydrates

Diets without carbohydrates are fashionable but many people wonder if they involve a risk to health or can continue in peace.

Each group has a specific function nutrients and carbohydrates are primarily responsible for bring us “fuel”, i.e. energy. Carbohydrates are mainly cereals, bread, pasta, sugar, honey, molasses, legumes, fruits and vegetables. Of course in each of these food families we find some richer than others in carbohydrates.

Diets without carbohydrates
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Why then recommend foods rich in protein or carbohydrate-free diets?

In most cases, the absence of carbohydrates our body seeks to obtain energy by burning fat and protein. That is precisely the desired effect because the patient usually loses enough weight.

The production of ketone bodies or substances requires our bodies to increase the elimination of liquids to expel them and that promotes weight loss.

Risks of diets without carbohydrates

There are many doctors who recommend this type of diet or restriction because argue that it is only for a few weeks and then patients return to a more balanced diet. Other professionals want to never prescribe diets without carbohydrates because they argue that the body produces ketosis (the “burn” fats) that favors dehydration and elevated levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

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In cases where patients are those diets without carbohydrates for months it could be reached, according to the same doctors, kidney damage, liver overload and descaling favor since it is extremely acidifying the pH of our body.

A risk to also consider is that the patient can relate carbohydrates and obesity continue on their own, without medical supervision, these diets without carbohydrates indefinitely in their desire to be slimmer every day. The poisoning of our bodies would be guaranteed if we end up only feeding protein (meat, fish, eggs, cheese, etc.)

Conclusion on diets without carbohydrates

Our advice on minimizing carbohydrates is that diets in which eliminates or minimizes particular food or nutrient should be followed only for a very limited and always under the supervision of a doctor or specialist time.

We cannot forget that each person is a different case and have to see his physique, his type of work, blood type, type of metabolism, if you practice physical exercise and diet brought so far before deciding which is the best diet for you. These data are essential to give every person the right guidelines.

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The patient must understand that any kind of restrictive diet, as diets without carbohydrates, should only be a hiatus while recovering health or proper weight but should seek some nutritional guidelines that served, appropriate to their case, to be healthy and, while in its proper weight.

Learning to observe a little more and be aware of what and how we eat; have a diet as varied as possible (so that any nutrient not we missing); see what level of stress we suffer and how to compensate (with relaxation or sport) are definitely some basic tips to feel good at all levels.

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