Did you know that Propolis is a natural antibiotic?

Propolis is a natural antibiotic

Topically applied propolis can promote healing of burns and even fight the virus that causes cold sores. It highlights its antibacterial action and has no adverse effects.

Hundreds of years ago that propolis is used as a natural antibiotic and in order to alleviate many ailments from diverse backgrounds. Clearly, the most important of propolis are its antibacterial powers, which are documented in books since ancient times.

Propolis is a natural antibiotic
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If you want to know what is and what are propolis wonderful therapeutic uses, we invite you to continue reading. Propolis is a resinous substance that bees collect and having a high content of flavonoids. As an essential ingredient is also used in some medications used on the skin, that is creams and even oral elixir

An essential supplement as an antibiotic

This substance is increasingly known for people who value their applications as antibiotic, thanks to the aforementioned flavonoids. Even the World Health Organization considers it essential in our food and as a remedy and natural antibiotic.

Advantages of taking propolis

Virtually any antibiotic drug eat as contraindications and side effects, but propolis, being a natural antibiotic, has no adverse effects and also does not damage the intestinal flora of our body as they can do other substances. Thanks to its multiple applications, is supplied as an alternative medicine.

Propolis is a substance with a high content of vitamins such as B1, B2 and B3 and also a source of minerals such as phosphorus and magnesium.

Moreover, studies show that propolis is very effective in the fight against bacterial strains that have developed resistance to common antibiotics chemicals present in most medicines.

Treatment of burns

Propolis promotes rapid healing of burns mild. Studies show that propolis is similar to other chemicals or drugs used in the treatment of burns, thanks to anti-inflammatory effects have greatly appreciated in these cases effectively.

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Diabetes treatment

According to recent studies, propolis can promote their treatment in patient’s diabetes. Research into rodents with diabetes show how propolis regulates blood sugar levels.

Herpes labialis

The investigations carried out indicate that topical application of propolis helps to cure cold sores. It has been found that extracts of propolis help our bodies in the fight against the virus that causes cold sores.

Other health benefits

First, the Propolis is an effective dietary supplement that provides many nutrients to our diet and this naturally has a favorable effect on our health.

Propolis contains flavonoids, therefore, besides being a natural antibiotic, also can be used to improve overall respiratory problems or digestive. Other utilities are favoring hair growth and contribute to a good blood circulation.

And there’s more … because apparently it has been shown that helps a lot also in certain chronic ailments, such as stress problems and conditions in the extremities.
Anyway, what did you think this information about propolis? Incredible all the benefits that this natural product can provide our body, right?

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