Dental implants in one day

Dental Implant

Modern dentistry has endeavored to create an effective and convenient solution to rehabilitate as many pieces as necessary and possible in a single intervention.

The dental implants are the most effective solution to rehabilitate our lost or damaged teeth. Dental implants are more comfortable and perform better than other solutions or even other prostheses, both fixed and removable: the fact mimics the forces made by the natural tooth prevent changes in the bones and muscles used for chewing. That implants do not influence the anatomical features of our mouth.

As if that were not enough, keeping a routine control at the dental clinic and proper hygiene, dental implants can last a long time, even a lifetime.

Dental Implant
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However, despite the benefits, many patients prefer to go through this process as quickly as possible. For that reason, they have appeared so-called dental implants immediately loaded.

Immediate load implants

The dental implants loaded immediately is a process from beginning to end, is done in one day, i.e. in a single visit to a specialist. This type of implant is not only faster, but also avoids the typical intermediate steps associated with no immediate loading implants, such as the use of removable dentures between different processes.

Come on that when done thus patients come in the morning and in the afternoon or the next day you can go with implants and dentures placed. Generally, the prosthesis is placed at 24-48 h after implant surgery. This prosthesis is a temporary prosthesis screwed newly placed implants, since the final whole integration is placed over.

However, to access this kind of implants must meet a number of requirements. The most important of them is not to present a history of systemic diseases that could pose a complication for treatment. It is also desirable that our mouths have a correct bite, a stable occlusion. Finally, we must maintain proper oral hygiene, and its use is discouraged in smokers.

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Procedure for one day implants

The key lies immediately loaded implant in the call dynamic osseointegration, which is that the integration of the titanium implant to bone is performed with the already placed prosthesis. Osseointegration is just the natural process of the body itself to accept dental implants placed in bone structure.

Thus, all it has done in a single intervention and can achieve the same day as the patient recovers all the functions of your tooth. This immediate procedure also allows many people show no satisfaction with the requirement to wear removable dentures (removable) during this process of osseointegration, which sometimes favorable treatment is abandoned.

In addition, aesthetically it is a great advantage, because we will not spend a single day without the tooth . For that reason, this kind of implants are particularly recommended in cases of periodontal disease or have had to be exodonciados by the dentist.

In conclusion, these are the main advantages of implant immediate loading :

  1. The procedure is simple, and can be placed implants needed for full arch (6 to 8 dental implants).
  2. Osseointegration dynamics: integration of the titanium implant is performed with the already placed prosthesis. The prostheses are fixed perfectly and have no risk of falling over time by improper fixing, as it is almost as if the prosthesis has its own root.
  3. No need to carry removable dentures during osseointegration, avoiding problems and the possible abandonment of treatment.
  4. If you must replace more than one tooth, this kind of procedure is the most appropriate for its speed and ease.
  5. Decreased stress and fear of the dentist, because the procedure does not have different stages and lasts for days, which can also encourage potential complications.
  6. Aesthetically it is without prejudice because we can immediately fill the gap left by the lack of a tooth. In addition, neither it will prejudice from phonetically or functionally.

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