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The most proper diet is a cheese diet, the protein diet is like meat, the protein, however, with which cheese is rich, as well as a variety of products from milk, is much assimilated by the body that is contained in meat. Diet cheese is applied a certain amount of time. Cheese diet is based on dietary characteristics of cheese. Of course, so in the cheese, the composition includes fat to 50%, protein 27%, to 700 milligrams of salts of mineral calcium and phosphorus. This cheese makes one of the most important goods in the diet of human nutrition. Read more: Lose weight in summer: 5 best diets

the Cheese Diet

Protein, in the cheese, the body gives the desired amino acids, which are the human body “building material”. It is known that the protein of cheese is identical in contents with proteins of amino acids of human organs and tissues, which makes it extremely suitable. A cheese diet is excellent to take advantage of during the holidays, with the reception of food you need to drink fifty milliliters of dry white wine. For one day of the diet, this will be allowed for a gram of 500 to lose weight. Read more: Overweight? Tips to get your life on track

the Cheese Diet

The most proper diet is the approximate menu of a cheese-cheese diet the following: to eat daily a loaf of dry and grams of 70 cheese, washing it with milliliters of 50 white dry wines. It will be necessary to drink a liter of one liquid, tea green or without water, between meals. Such a cheese diet is allowed to use no more than ten days. During its time you can lose up to ten kilograms of excess weight. This is one of the variants of the diet of the protein diet. Keep reading

  • 8-00: sugar-free coffee
  • 10-00: boiled 1 egg
  • 12-00: 200g of low-fat sausage
  • 14-00: 100g of low-fat cheese
  • 16-00: 250 g of low-fat cottage cheese
  • 18-00: 1 cup low-fat kefir

The most correct diet – during a cheesy diet for yourself, choose products with a low table of fat. Cheese should be fat content no more than 10-12 percent.

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