Cold hands and feet: Causes and practical remedies


Those who have never experienced the feeling of having his hands and feet were frozen? It is a very common disorder, especially in winter, but in some cases, can also affect the warmer months.

The main reasons are:

  • Some diseases, such as Raynaud’s syndrome (which affects the arteries and narrowing of the blood vessels to cause pain in the hands and feet) or hypothyroidism.
  • Hormonal issues (are in fact the ones that most women suffer from this type of disorder). Estrogen hormones, in order to protect the body’s inner areas, acting to exaggerate the phenomenon of constriction of the capillaries in the outlying areas. This is especially true in special situations such as pregnancy and ovulation.
  • Stress and anxiety can affect the rhythm of the breath causing hyperventilation and rapid heartbeat, affecting so the influx of blood to the extremities of the body.
  • The smoke, which damages the blood vessels and reduces the amount of red blood cells transported by the blood, compromises the supply of carbon dioxide. If you suffer often cold hands and feet so it is advisable to quit smoking.
  • A particularly sedentary lifestyle, which can cause poor circulation.

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Fortunately there are many natural remedies that can help alleviate the discomfort.

A very simple remedy is to alternate hot water jets to jets of cold water during the shower (what is commonly called “contrast shower”). This simple device is a real cure for blood circulation because it allows to improve the elasticity and the capacity of reaction of the blood vessels.

To improve circulation, it may be appropriate to massage every day the body using a special brush for massage, taking care to perform a circular motion starting from the feet and walking up the legs and arms. This type of massage can also be done while applying the moisturizer after the daily shower.

The spices produced countless benefits to boost circulation. Spices like pepper or Tabasco are able to generate an immediate feeling of warmth. Try also to prepare a ginger tea: grate just a slice of ginger root and leave to infuse in a quart of boiling water for fifteen minutes, even adding a pinch of cinnamon. The herbal tea can be filtered and drink warm. Even just, hold a hot mug in her hands can help to warm us.

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Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and coffee.

Suitable clothing is essential: always cover themselves well in the winter months, taking care to protect our hands and our feet by wearing gloves and proper socks.

Wear the hand warmers and foot warmers can release heat for several hours can be ideal for those who practice sports like football, jogging, skiing, or for those who work outdoors.

Practicing regular physical activity is another device that helps to fight the disorder of the hands and feet cold. In general, try to avoid sitting in one position for too long. For example, if we are forced to work to sit for long hours at a desk, it is a good habit to get up every so often and walk around the room, taking care to do circular movements of the arms to restore the circulation.

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