Chronic fatigue: Symptoms, causes and most effective remedies

Chronic fatigue

How to recognize the symptoms of chronic fatigue and learn to distinguish it from simple fatigue? Come with us to the causes and the best remedies to cure this annoying trouble.

Chronic fatigue is a complex disorder whose symptoms are similar to flu and consist of a persistent sense of tiredness for which there seem to be no remedy, even a good night’s sleep.

The causes of chronic fatigue – also called, in scientific terms, “myalgic encephalomyelitis” – can be many and not always easily identifiable. According to statistics, this disorder affects mainly the female and aged between 40 and 50 years, although there are cases of childhood chronic fatigue.

Chronic fatigue
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What are the symptoms of chronic fatigue?

The first symptoms of chronic fatigue are related to a sense of fatigue and exhaustion impossible to relieve, despite the hours of sleep and rest. If you suffer from chronic fatigue, it will be difficult for you to be able to find the focus and you may have some memory deficits and other disorders due to mental fatigue.

Other symptoms are closely related to those of influenza and range from muscle pain to sore throat, from swollen lymph nodes to joint pain, until the classic migraine and a general sense of weakness.

Unlike normal fatigue, chronic fatigue can not be alleviated by simple rest and end up worse in the following days to a particular mental or physical effort.

There are many reasons why you might feel tired, but if fatigue is not related to a change of season, nor unabated for an extended period, the better to see a doctor immediately to rule out other problems. There is, unfortunately, a specific test to diagnose this disorder and must proceed to the differential diagnosis, i.e. by exclusion, ensuring that it can not be other disorders such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, anemia or diabetes. If for adults is recommended to see a doctor after a period of 6 months from the presence of the first symptoms, for younger are enough 3.

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Chronic fatigue: Causes

The causes of chronic fatigue are unknown today, although the researchers have made some assumptions. It could be, according to some of viral infection, while for others the cause of chronic fatigue could be a problem of the immune system.

Then found a link between the disorder of chronic fatigue and hormonal imbalance, so it is assumed that the two disorders may be connected.

Finally, one of the most credible causes, is the one that links the chronic fatigue, causing muscle disorders, to a kind of psychosomatic problem, since to suffer are often people who have suffered severe stress or emotional trauma.

The most effective remedy for chronic fatigue

What are the best remedies to cure chronic fatigue? Since the cause is unknown, there is no real therapy and the best care at the time consists in alleviate as much as possible the symptoms of the disorder.

First, it recommends a cognitive-behavioral therapy can help those suffering from chronic fatigue to understand her disorder and recognize the symptoms, learning to accept and to live with them peacefully. A positive reaction of the psyche, especially if the cause is psychological and physical nature, it is critical not to aggravate the symptoms.

Equally recommended is a gradual exercise-based therapy, which is to guide the patient in a physical rehabilitation path subjecting it to more intense exercises and workouts. Week after week, the patient’s body will begin to react positively, but do not hurry: it is important to alternate training days of rest to other, respecting their own pace.

Even the drug treatment can help: if it is chronic fatigue linked to depression, an antidepressant prescribed under the care of a psychotherapist can be a valuable remedy, combined with a good physical activity. In the case of muscle pain, your doctor may prescribe a painkiller.

A healthy diet, finally, it is essential to reduce the symptoms: Avoid alcohol and coffee, and do not go overboard with junk food.

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