Causes of white spots on teeth

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Typically, the most common cause of white spots on teeth often, excess fluoride, calcium deficiency or demineralization in them.

Possible causes of white spots on teeth

The white spots on teeth, appear as notice and prior to the onset of decay step. The reasons why these spots damage the enamel can be two: too much fluoride during tooth formation or bone decalcification said.

Typically, the most common cause of white spots on teeth is usually the first, i.e. excess fluoride, a mineral that is built into almost all dental hygiene products.

Teeth Care
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Fluorine is often so used, especially in toothpastes and fluoridated because combat and prevent cavities by inhibiting tooth demineralization.

This is true, but it is vital to observe the amounts used of this mineral to maintain healthy balance in our mouth. A good eating behavior allows our body to obtain the optimal amount of fluoride to keep teeth healthy.

The excess of this mineral will cause the tooth itself cannot absorb it, leading to the formation of deposits of fluoride in the bone, favoring the appearance of white spots.

Breastfeeding and teeth

The second cause for which appear white spots on teeth can be decalcification or demineralisation of the tooth. This may be because the time is excessively prolonged breastfeeding, as seen especially in cases where the chest child demand occurs.

Breast milk is very sweet for the high concentration of sugars it contains, and sugars such lactic acid generated as a result increasing the pH of the saliva. Being always present in the mouth can cause porosity in the teeth favoring the loss of calcium.

This causes the tooth wear and baby bottle tooth decay or suction type. Therefore, dentists recommend monitoring breastfeeding from the moment he first tooth erupts.

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What to do in case of white spots on teeth?

In the case that the child continue to take breast it is important to maintain good oral hygiene, cleaning up after sucking each tooth with a garzita. Thus the sugar that can get caught in the teeth removed.

It should also consider that the dental development of the baby begins at the embryonic stage of the fetus and may cause bad formation of tooth enamel occurs during pregnancy, as the first to be generated is the outer layer of the tooth and then the root.

So it’s possible dental health care and child during pregnancy, ensuring a good diet with adequate intake of all the necessary minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Although the white spots on the baby teeth appear, should not be neglected as it has been observed to increase the chances of tooth decay in permanent teeth also. That is why dentists recommend an early age monitor changes that appear in the mouth.

Sources of minerals for proper diet

To prevent variations in tooth enamel is important to consider food. The solution is not to make a higher intake of minerals to ensure having enough, but rather to maintain a varied diet providing calcium and magnesium in our body (calcium needs magnesium to be well absorbed).

While in this chain synergies intervenes phosphorus in the required higher amounts, interferes with magnesium. It overdo fluoride intake is not recommended.

Without turning calculating mathematical quantities, the key is to follow a balanced diet. However, it is useful to know that vegetables and whole grains have a small percentage of these minerals.

More specifically, we find:

  • Fluoride in marine fish (especially seafood) and tea.
  • Calcium in broccoli, cauliflower, almonds, seaweed, sesame seeds and dairy products (although the latter will be watched to avoid the problem mentioned lactic acid).
  • Magnesium can be found mostly in green leafy vegetables and seeds.

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