Proteins for muscle mass: Which ones to take?

Proteins for muscle mass

Nutrition to increase muscle mass is crucial and there are perfect foods to help us achieve our ideal goal. Let’s find out together what to eat to put muscle mass in a healthy and fast, combined with the right workout.

Proteins for muscle mass: which ones to take? Certainly it is a question that many ask, especially with the arrival of summer and the dreaded trial costume. Increasing the muscle mass of the arms, legs, etc., is not an impossible task, since the right nutrition and the intake of the necessary proteins can be a first and optimal step to get better results associated with a targeted training, so as to obtain a real bodybuilder physique. Read more

Some simple rules to practicing the weights correctly

The benefits of physical activity are many, but what is the right exercise to slow the loss of muscle mass due to the sedentary and inexorable passage of the years?

Aging leads to progressive muscular atrophy which involves both a decay of strength and metabolic and aesthetic changes. This process, called sarcopenia, is progressive, has multifunctional causes and increases in the absence of physical activity. Read more

10 reasons to jogging that do not enter anything with weight loss


Earlier this year, I decided to commit to run every day because climbing stairs to the third floor had become quite challenging.

I started with the march quite unthinkable paths, I had a very strong motivation, then I started to say that the results would be seen in my best physical shape.

What I did not expect was a total transformation of my mind?

There are benefits such as weight loss and better heart circulation, but jogging on the sidewalk has nothing to do with the satisfaction of wearing a beautiful dress. Just like any other exercise, you gain much more than just a best physical shape; I bet that would be the same for you. I will list some reasons why you might change your attitude going to run … Read more

Walking sports: Benefits, training and proper shoes to practice

Walking sports

The sporting walk is a brisk walk, thanks to the intensity of the pitch and constant training; you can burn calories without any traumatic impact on joints – provided that you use the right shoes. Here are the benefits and features of this gentle sport, perfect for weight loss

The sport walking is a kind of brisk walking – not comparable to jogging or running – was born from the Power Walking, characterized by an enhanced walking stride rather broad, which has inherited the intensity of step but is shorter. It is a gentle sport and accessible to all, to practice outdoors, which does not involve any type of contraindication or trauma in joints, precisely because of the small number of impacts and through the continuous contact of the foot with the ground.

The sport walking to the practice of which you will need the right techniques shoes, enjoys many benefits that help the physical and beyond. Practicing this type of brisk walking in fact, it allows to regenerate the psychological level : a great way to release tension, regain your energy and lose weight at the same time. With constant training, you will indeed see great results on your fitness. Here below all you need to know about walking on … Read more

The perfect post workout drink

post workout drink

By reading this article you will discover the secret behind the preparation of a post workout drink that makes the maximum in terms of yield and digestibility.

Did you know that the moment just after training is the most important time to introduce foods that your body needs.

You maximize the recovery, anabolism, the results!

Beginning with the first describe that gastric emptying is the process of digestion and the subsequent passage of food in the intestinal tract of the human body.

The osmolarity instead is the concentration of particles of a particular solute in a solution.

Two basic concepts that will be needed to better understand what I will explain below … Read more

Backache? Here are the exercises for you


The back pain affects one out of two. Sometimes she passes, but unfortunately often returns and can even become chronic. The good news is that these pains in the spine can be prevented and relieved with the fit gym.

Also the posture is essential if you’ll be careful to control it in everyday life, your back will derive great benefits. Here’s some guidance.

1) In front of the computer

Keep your back as straight as possible. This is not to sit in front of the PC drive as a stick but with your back straight as when you’re standing. The intervertebral disks suffer more traumas when your back is curved. Important: better a slightly arched back that curve.

2) At work

Alternates between the positions are critical. Even if yours is a sedentary job, try your best to walk every now and then: will relieve your back. If you work in the office and spend most of the time sitting, get in the habit of getting up to make phone calls. If you work on your feet all day, try not to always stop at the same location but walking whenever you can. Read more

Make fitness … In the shower! Here are the exercises


Tone and firm are activities that are not limited only to the gym or sports. We can help get more toned muscles and a nice fitness even during the day, when you perform the most common gestures. We had already spoken recently of other ways to train your muscles when you are at home or at work.

But today we offer you three exercises to do in the shower that help sculpt the body, firming the buttocks, thighs and breasts. Even if it is mostly of muscle contraction exercises that do not require large movements of the body, we recommend that you bring to the table a non-slip shower mat. Read more

Easy Exercises to strengthen legs at home

Easy Exercises

The following exercises to strengthen the legs are very simple, free, and highly effective and can do quietly at home.

Exercises to strengthen legs

While swimming (especially mode back better than front crawl), cycling, walking briskly, climbing stairs or slopes help keep tone muscles, today I propose this simple table to strengthen legs for which you need not go to the gym.

It is very easy to perform. You only need a soft stable surface, but a couple of square meters and about twenty minutes a day for you. In a few months (about six, this is not as fast) you’ll notice your most stylized and strong legs.

If you are the type who can enjoy the gym, aside from the treadmill-running or skiing simulator, you can use the machine that makes you move your knees clenching and unclenching with some weights. Remember that it is very unattractive and unfeminine excessive muscle, so do not overdo. Read more

6 exercises for a perfect waistline

perfect waistline

Those who are not used to doing physical activity should proceed gradually and without forcing too much, to avoid getting hurt. It may later increase the intensity. More than to have a lean and toned figure, many women would like to lose a few centimeters from the waist to have the body more pronounced curves.

To achieve this approach may be different, but the exercise remains one of the main keys to a good result. Typically, the excess pounds in this area of the body are the result of a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits. They can, however, also influence genetic factors or malfunction of the thyroid gland.

Leaving aside the possible causes, some sequences of exercises allow you to act in a localized way, helping you more to reshape the hips. Today we show you six exercises to do at home, so simple that you will have no more excuses. At work! Read more

Advantages and disadvantages of running and listening to music

running and listening to music

Some time ago, I prepared an article with a selection of music to run. If you ask most people who go out to do some running sessions, it is very likely that most tell you that need music. They say otherwise, the exercise becomes very monotonous and boring. However, do we really listen to music is best when you run? Let’s look at its advantages and disadvantages. Read more

The best exercises for perfect glutes

Perfect glutes

To get perfect buttocks is essential to be constant. If you do not have much resistance we can begin with few repetitions of each exercise and go increasing them weekly.

Who would not want to have the same buttocks than those of models, actresses and celebrities?

Especially when it is coming summer we make every effort to look decent buttocks of admiration (and yes, a little envious). Therefore in this article we offer the best exercises for perfect glutes. Let’s train has been said! Read more

Major mistakes we make when doing shoulder press and how to avoid them

Shoulder press

If we ask what opine on the shoulder press, most of us will answer that it is a simple exercise that anyone can perform. At first glance is that, a simple exercise without major complications, but it is not as easy as it seems to do well, and so this time we want to stop in the major mistakes we make in execution and how we can correct them.

We must bear in mind that there are plenty of ways to make the press, since it may be behind the neck, in front, with dumbbells, pulley, sitting on bench, standing … But all these ways have a common denominator, which is the implementation, since for all is the same, the maturity of the resistance by the deltoids, which is the working muscle. A small muscle that cannot mistreat, and for which we must make good execution to work properly. Read more