Castor oil for hair care and beauty

Castor oil for hair care

Castor oil strengthens and nourishes the hair in depth. Let’s see how to take care of brittle hair with castor oil.
The castor oil is a slightly yellow oil liquid, very viscous and not very strong smelling. It is purchased in herbal medicine and since it is a stable oil, it does not go rancid quickly and can be kept at room temperature in dark glass bottles.

Castor oil is obtained by cold pressing of the seeds of the Ricinus communis followed by filtration to remove the ricin, a toxic compound naturally present in the seed. It contains various fatty acids, including ricinoleic acid, a derivative of oleic acid.

Ricinoleic acid is the main component of castor oil and is responsible for the laxative activity of this oil; it also inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi and is used to treat some dermatological problems including acne, dermatitis and inflammation of the skin.

Castor oil for hair care
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Properties of castor oil

Thanks to its filming properties and the affinity that it would seem to have for keratin, castor oil is used in cosmetics to strengthen hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and nails.

The castor oil is also used as soothing to relieve inflammation of the skin, as well as healing and purifying for oily skin and acne and to treat fungal infections of the skin.

It has an effective action against the inhomogeneous pigmentation of the face and hands and is also used to treat the spots that form during pregnancy.

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Castor oil strengthens dry, lifeless, dull and damaged hair with discolouration and frequent permanents. It also prevents the formation of split ends and promotes the growth of hair, eyelashes and nails.

Combined with grapefruit essential oil or clary sage, it is used against hair loss, while the addition of tea tree essential oil is used to combat dandruff and itching due to dermatitis involving the scalp.

Given its laxative and purgative action, the use of castor oil is reserved almost exclusively for external cosmetic use.

Castor oil for damaged hair: Restructuring mask

To nourish and strengthen the hair, apply a mask of castor oil to the hair once a week before proceeding with the usual shampoo. A reinforcing mask is especially useful in the summer months, when the hair undergoes attacks from the sun’s rays and sea water, or when you make discolorations and permanent that dry and deface the hair.

Just a few ingredients are enough to prepare a DIY mask in just a few minutes. Mix together …

  • 2 tablespoons of castor oil
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 5 drops of rosemary essential oil

The coconut oil is a saturated oil that presents solid at temperatures below 25°C: if the prepared mask during the winter months, slightly heated coconut oil in a water bath before mixing with castor oil and ingredients.

In a small bowl, form a homogeneous cream mixing the castor oil, coconut oil and essential oil.

Apply the mask to wet hair. Massage over all the hair concentrating on the tips, where the hair is drier. Wrap the hair in a damp towel and leave it in place for at least fifteen minutes. If possible, let the mask work through the night, leaving the hair wrapped in the towel. Proceed then washing the hair with the shampoo, rinsing well all the residues of oil.

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