Best Foods for Dental Health

Amazing strides have been made in oral health care over in the 21st century alone. American dental care is slowly on the rise, becoming more affordable for basic procedures. More and more people opt to see a holistic dentist to avoid unnecessarily invasive or toxic care. And as for eating habits… well, those can still be improved nationwide. In a country where a double cheeseburger costs less than a salad, it’s no wonder the average American eats 66 pounds of added sugar per year. 

That’s not per town, neighborhood, or household… that’s per person. That doesn’t mean the average person downs a bag of sugar in a week. But processed foods of all types contain hidden levels of sugar. Boxed meals, bagged treats, canned beverages, even pre-made soup and manufactured bread all break down into sugar in the mouth and body. So then what can you eat to maintain and improve dental health?

Learn to Hydrate

Ditch the sugary sodas and high-calorie energy drinks for some refreshing, natural H2O. Water (yes, even tap water in safe cities) is the body’s preferred thirst quencher. The brain becomes addicted to the chemicals in your favorite treat beverages. So what you think you need for thirst is actually the brain and nervous system’s demand for more of the chemical-laden toxins. Load up on plenty of clear water throughout the day to build enzymes, wash away food and bacteria, and reduce your risk for cavities.

Down Some Dairy

Unless you’re lactose intolerant or addicted to specific items, dairy is not a bad word. Yes, it contains some sugar, but it’s minimal amounts. Dairy foods contain plenty of protein and calcium the help reinforce bones and enamel. So if you can stomach it, try to add some milk, yogurt, or cheese to your daily food intake. Just be careful of how much you eat since dairy is calorie dense.

Go Lean

Long gone are the days when medical science believed eating red meat and potatoes led to a long and healthy life. Today we know lean is king. That doesn’t mean your diet needs to ever be dull or lacking. Poultry and fish are high in phosphorus and protein. So are milk and eggs. The combination of vitamins and minerals help to strengthen your entire body from the inside-out. But it starts right with that first bite.

Fill Up on Fruits and Veggies

The cleaner you eat, the better you’ll look and feel. There’s no secret behind that. Raw is always best. Of course, the term “raw” refers to produce. Vegetable and fruits are essential foods you should be eating on a daily basis. Start with plenty of dark leafy greens. Add in water-packed cucumbers, celery, and melon to wash away the daily mouth grime. Add in some peppers, broccoli, carrots, berries, apples, and even an occasional banana. Don’t forget the onions, garlic, and ginger. Chewing hard fruit and veggies help stimulate saliva and enzyme function to wash away bacteria, acid, and food particles from every crevice of the mouth.

Nosh on Some Nuts

The keyword here is “some”. Nuts are full of natural fats and dense in calories, so a small handful per day is plenty. Nuts are packed with protein and minerals that help the entire body. Nuts are also low in carbohydrates which is good news for reducing mouth-based bacteria. Chew slowly to savor and stimulate saliva. You’ll reap the rewards at next appointment with your Fort Lauderdale Dentist.

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