Best fitness fabrics to enhance your performance

If your sports clothes are making you feel hot and sweaty, you cannot perform at your best. Thankfully, designers have come up with fabrics – some natural and others man-made – to absorb perspiration so that we achieve our potential.

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Top fitness fabrics

Cotton is a good choice, although it can absorb moisture and make you feel a bit damp if you are having a hard workout; however, for exercises that do not make you sweat too much, such as yoga or resistance training classes, cotton is fine. Gore-Tex is a popular choice for outside activities such as cycling or running, as the fabric is waterproof and windproof while allowing the skin to breathe. Another well-known fabric is Spandex or Lycra, which is stretchy; in fact, it can expand by nearly 600 per cent and is therefore ideal for workouts during which you are stretching and moving a lot, such as Zumba. Spandex is also breathable, wicks moisture away from the body, and dries quickly.

Keeping your cool

If you train in the hot summer months, there is a great new sportswear range designed to help you keep cool. The Way2Cool clothing from Mountain Hardwear is manufactured from fabrics that use your sweat to activate the in-built cooling agents. The sportswear, made of Cool.Q.Zero fabric, has been tested on elite athletes training in the Grand Canyon. It is designed to stop them overheating and therefore give them an advantage in the scorching temperatures.

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The top sports brand will only use certain materials that help to ‘wick’ away sweat and help your performance. Wearing the right clothing, such as football training kits from suppliers such as, can help you to train longer because your clothes are not getting heavy with sweat and bringing you down. The lighter you feel, the better you can perform. It is certainly worth investing time and money into building the right sports wardrobe for the type of activity you do.

Blocking UV rays

If you work out a lot in the summer months, you can also look for fabrics that have a UPF rating to see how effective they are at blocking out ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The right clothing is a very effective form of sun protection; however, you will also need to use a sun screen and make sure you stay hydrated.

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