Backache? Here are the exercises for you

The back pain affects one out of two. Sometimes she passes, but unfortunately often returns and can even become chronic. The good news is that these pains in the spine can be prevented and relieved with the fit gym.

Also the posture is essential if you’ll be careful to control it in everyday life, your back will derive great benefits. Here’s some guidance.

1) In front of the computer

Keep your back as straight as possible. This is not to sit in front of the PC drive as a stick but with your back straight as when you’re standing. The intervertebral disks suffer more traumas when your back is curved. Important: better a slightly arched back that curve.

2) At work

Alternates between the positions are critical. Even if yours is a sedentary job, try your best to walk every now and then: will relieve your back. If you work in the office and spend most of the time sitting, get in the habit of getting up to make phone calls. If you work on your feet all day, try not to always stop at the same location but walking whenever you can.

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3) A table

At the table, it often takes a wrong position! Prohibit you cross your legs is a great trick to get your buttocks well supported on the chair and, therefore, keep your back straight.

4) By car

Absolutely not put the machine back upright but slightly tilted back to reduce pressure on the vertebrae

And, after these practical recommendations, here are some exercises that will help you reduce weight on the spine and strengthen the muscles.

First exercise: To strengthen

Sitting in a chair, back straight and well supported buttocks. Stretches your back as you can, hands on his knees. Close the eyes to see the lengthening of the back and focused on the breath, which is to be deep.

Benefits: Great for those who suffer so much from back pain.

Second exercise: to strengthen the lower back

Lying sideways on a carpet, leaning his elbow on the floor and lift your hips, legs together. Tries to stretched-as much as possible and hold the position for 10 seconds focusing on the breath, stomach in and perineum contract. Then switch sides.

Benefits: Excellent as an exercise to strengthen the perineum after a pregnancy and lumbar areas

Third exercise: To stretch your back

Lying on his back, arms at your sides and knees bent, legs slightly open (the width must be that of the basin), raise the buttocks by contracting the perineum. Push on hunts. Go back to the starting position by rolling the back. Benefits: This exercise is great for strengthening the perineum after pregnancy.

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Fourth exercise: To stretch your back

All fours, wearing a foot between your hands while stretch the other leg back. He tries to pull the heel of the leg downwards, back straight and head toward the floor. Stay in the position for 3 cycles of breath, and then switch legs.

Benefits: This exercise is great for stretching your back but also to tone your legs.

Fifth exercise: To combat lordosis

Sitting, legs crossed and hands close to the buttocks. Arch your upper back approaching the elbows but do not tighten your shoulders. Return to the starting position, he puts his hands on his knees and arching his back bringing your shoulders forward. Hold this position for 5 cycles of breath.

Benefits: This exercise is great for those suffering from lordosis.

Sixth exercise: To rest your lower back

Crouching, buttocks and well-supported back against the wall, hugging her knees, feet parallel. Hold for a few minutes.

Benefits: This location is great for those who have inflammation in progress especially in the sacred-lumbar area. After a day of tension, it allows to relieve all the voltages of the columns.

Seventh exercise: To stretch the neck

Forearms folded on the table, leaning his forehead on the edge and push the chair back stretching the buttocks and straightening his upper back.

Benefits: Good for ironing neck and back after working hours! Council: Better a chair with wheels.

Eighth exercise: Self-massage the back

Well back leaning against the wall, feet forward 50 cm and legs outstretched. This position is already sufficient to distend the back.

Pass around a soccer mini-ball behind you and massaged her shoulder blades the kidneys and the sacred, down and up along the wall.

Benefits: Great for those who suffer and cannot take a osteopath appointment.

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