Aspire Method, New Obesity Treatment

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Today in our health blog we will explain what the Aspire method, a new treatment for obesity without surgery with really satisfactory results.

Obesity has become a disease that already affects 25% of the population, a disease that shortens life expectancy and affects the quality of life of sufferers as it is one of the main factors risk for developing different types of cancer, heart disease etc …

For many people who are obese and who have tried to stop it in different ways, diets, drugs, etc .. the only option is to use specifically developed treatments for excess weight. From endoscopic treatments (without surgery) as the intragastric balloon or stomach reduction without surgery (Pose Method, Apollo Method) to the obesity surgery, the range of techniques and options is relatively broad.

But for those with a BMI (Body Mass Index) above 40 (morbid obesity) until recently the only option to treat their obesity surgery was obesity.

What is the Aspire Method?

The Aspire Method is a new option to treat obesity without surgery, this treatment comes from the US.

The Aspire method involves removal from the patient’s own 30% of the calories you eat. This “extraction” calorie weight loss motivation that facilitates the patient begins to feel better and more motivated and prepared to run a program to change eating habits and lifestyle will facilitate the loss and maintenance of that loss weight.

Ingested calories extraction is achieved by placing a probe (for endoscopy) that connects to the outside through an access port in the abdomen. Since then the patient access port can empty ingested part of a connecting device to carry out a timely removal of food. Thus the patient removes about 30% of food from the stomach before the calories are absorbed by the body.

The system is the “base or tool” treatment which is accompanied by a medical monitoring, different security measures that control and limit the number of aspirations that can make the patient and a program for modifying eating behavior.

Advantages of Aspire Method

One of the main advantages of Aspire method is that it is a simple, effective and with a very low complication rate method further no patient anatomy as it does in obesity surgery is modified.

The Aspire method is proposed as a long-term treatment of at least one and a half days. Achieved the goal of weight loss by the catheter is removed thereby via endoscopy is a reversible technique that can be removed at any time …

As a picture is worth a thousand words we leave you with this interview that synthesizes the operation of this new system caloric intake to treat obesity, also known as Aspire method.

As you have seen the Aspire method to be a new treatment for obesity without surgery, is presented as an interesting alternative to conventional methods.

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