Arthritis or osteoarthritis? Learn to distinguish

Arthritis or osteoarthritis

Both osteoarthritis and arthritis are pathologies that affect our joints. We teach you to easily distinguish them.

The arthritis and osteoarthritis are two pathologies, both related to the joints, affecting a number of people, but do we distinguish between them? Its similar name and affecting both the same areas of the body may make this more difficult task. Today we clarify concepts and solve the most frequent questions that are associated with these two diseases.

Both arthritis and osteoarthritis, in addition to affecting the joints , involving pain and canreduce the quality of life of people affected by them. Something they have in common these two conditions is a factor that negatively affects: the obesity and overweight can cause more serious these diseases. The good news is that this is a factor we can get to control through proper diet, daily physical activity and support of appropriate health professionals (in this case we speak of dietitians, nutritionists). Thus, controlling our weight throughout all stages of life will eliminate a risk factor to suffer osteoarthritis or arthritis. To prevent them, you can begin to take care not to suffer from today.

Arthritis or osteoarthritis
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Differences between arthritis and osteoarthritis

If we learn to distinguish quickly these two pathologies just have to think all pathologies ending in it is suffix (such as tendinitis, ear infections or sore throat) indicate that there is an inflammation somewhere in the body. Thus, arthritis also refers to a disease that causes inflammation, in this case of the synovial membrane lining the joints.

The causes of arthritis are usually varied and can range from an autoimmune disease to severe trauma or even be caused by an infection. It does not have to respond to degenerative causes, and certain types of arthritis, such as juvenile idiopathic arthritis, may appear in children and youth. In the case of arthritis appears due to an external factor such as infection, it will disappear when the infection has been cured. It is important that, if we detect symptoms (one of the most common is the morning stiffness, which prevents us from properly and without moving pain to get out of bed) we turn to a medical professional to assess what is the cause and what is medical treatment most appropriate for us.

The osteoarthritis or osteoarthrosis, however, always meet degenerative diseases and is related to aging and wear of the joints, especially the overlying cartilage. In the case of women usually it appears earliest form, having risk from age 45, while men usually delay its onset up to 60 years. In the case of osteoarthritis it is very important that we control our weight, because obesity increases by four suffer the chances of suffering this disease.

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The similarities between the two pathologies

The two diseases present approximately the same symptoms: people suffering from osteoarthritis or arthritis progressively lose joint mobility, seeing thus reduced quality of life. In addition, they are painful diseases due to stiffness. Losing range of motion of a joint such as, for example, the phalanges of the fingers, one of the most common, can mean for that person unable to fend for herself unable to write or type on a computer, not call to comfortably … Anyway, stop being autonomous in their daily lives. If this happens to elderly, it can lead to social isolation that many elderly are subjected.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease: there is no cure for it, but it is possible to reduce the pain of the patient through anti – inflammatory drugs or other medications. In the case of arthritis yes we can treat: treatment always depends on the origin of the disease, but are often used steroids and pain suppressants. In both diseases, early diagnosis is crucial: starting treatment early can relieve symptoms.

In addition to controlling our weight, another thing we can do to prevent the onset of these diseases is to maintain a regular physical activity, even though we are already suffering, always within our means and guided by health professionals. Through exercise we can increase the density of our bones and increase our muscle mass, which will benefit us in the future.

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