Apps to Prevent Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is still one of the leading causes of auto accidents. And moreover, it’s the leading cause of fatalities among the 15-20-year-old age group. Distracted driving is broken down into three categories: visual, manual, and cognitive. Visual involves taking your eyes off the wheel. Manual involves taking your eyes off the road. And cognitive distraction involves taking your mind off the road. Distraction can be caused by an array of behaviors and activities including eating while driving, searching for items, playing with the radio or GPS, and even talking to or engaging with passengers. But texting is the main cause of distracted driving. It’s so dangerous because it incorporates visual, manual, and cognitive distraction. And yet, 70% of drivers still admit to using cell phones. Fortunately, technology can actually help. Here are some of the best apps to help prevent a distracted driving accident on your end.


This specific app can be an actual lifesaver for teens and their over-protective parents. Available for Android and iPhone, LifeSaver is easy to set up and doesn’t interfere with other apps. Simply click the right settings to block phone and text functions while driving. Have it alert you to know when your teen or precious loved one arrived safely. And have it notify you if it’s been turned off for any reason. LifeSaver also rewards good behavior with free iTunes credits, so it’s a win-win.


Any type of cell activity can lead to distracted driving. That includes texting, of course, but also messaging of any kind, social media interaction, game playing, reading, and camera or video activity. Cellcontrol blocks all of it so the driver can focus on the road. Cellcontrol’s “Policy Zones” allow the driver to access their settings to allow passengers access to their mobile devices while still protecting the driver zone. And since it’s available for Android and iPhone, there’s no excuse to put your safety or the safety of your loved ones at risk.


AT&T throws their hat in the ring with DriveMode, a free versatile app for Android and iPhone. This app blocks phone call and texting abilities, but still allows hands-free and voice responses to important messages. You can also voice-control your music selections and perform navigation searches. DriveMode works specifically with your car. However, it is important to realize hands-free cell phone usage is still a distraction. In fact, research indicates that drivers who use hands-free devices behind the wheel still only see about 50% of their surroundings. Full blocking is likely a better solution to avoid a distracted driving accident.


If texting is specifically the problem, SafeDrive can be the simple solution for your Android or iPhone. This well-known app not only disables text, but it also rewards the driver for their good behavior. Once your speed exceeds 6 MPH, SafeDrive begins awarding points that can be used towards various products. The driver has the control here and can press the release button at any time. But doing so will also release their accumulated points. SafeDrive also offers a game-style challenge system to go against other app users and try to top their high score. Combining fun and freebies is an effective was to avoid a distracted auto accident and the need to contact your Michigan personal injury attorney.

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