Advantages and disadvantages of running and listening to music

running and listening to music

Some time ago, I prepared an article with a selection of music to run. If you ask most people who go out to do some running sessions, it is very likely that most tell you that need music. They say otherwise, the exercise becomes very monotonous and boring. However, do we really listen to music is best when you run? Let’s look at its advantages and disadvantages.

running and listening to music
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The advantages of listening to music when you run

  • Source of motivation: Music, especially when you have a fast – paced, invites move. Something we dance to the rhythm of the melodies. When you choose appropriate content (rock, electronic music, etc.) quickly get to feel like running. Especially in the beginning of the session, music is a wonderful motivational tool. Distract your mind from distractions, laziness, and allows you to throw a run. Later, when fatigue is felt, one song can afford move overcome the urge to stand, then helping you achieve your goal of duration and / or distance.
  • Avoid boredom: There are ways to not get bored when you run, such as changing travel often, but in the end, but change much, repetition leads to some degree of monotony. One of the factors that can change more easily is the songs that you hear. There are thousands and thousands of songs to choose from.
  • Very light devices: You can run with your mobile phone in hand, but not very practical. You can buy a bracelet to place, and then we will notice very little presence. However, you have it even easier: today there are readers very small and light, very cheap, mp3 with practical and discreet helmets. You can run with music without feeling any discomfort, no weight, and carrying thousands of songs with you.

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Drawbacks to listen to music when you run

  • Start too fast: If the first songs you hear are very fast, unconsciously you are going to be tempted to go a little faster than your usual pace, which can impair your performance during the session.
  • Distracts too: Listen to music you can put in danger, because it distracts you from the dangers of the city. For example, you could not hear a car arrive. You can also make do not look enough at the warning signs that your body sends you, and overworking. It also prevents your other senses fully enjoy, such as the beautiful views that you can have when you run in a park or a nice place.
  • Not always motivated: The same song may like much to a person, while another listening indifferently. Therefore, it is possible that some tunes from your list does not motivate you enough when you go running. Especially when difficult times come and you have to resist the urge to leave, few songs that can motivate you enough. Moreover, it is logical. It is a help, not a miracle cure.

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