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Acne? It is not a disease but …

How many times we heard them say, probably several decades ago … and how many times have we said we, in our turn, to children or children of friends: “Acne is not a disease, goes without saying, it just takes patience … “.

And it is true, acne is a physiological manifestation of adolescence (which afflicts 50-60 percent of boys, Caucasians than African or Asian), and in fact in most cases it tends to disappear spontaneously toward 18- 20 years. However, even though in 90 percent of cases does not leave marks on the skin, very often, memories, signs of leaving it all right because acne attracts derision and feeds shyness and feelings of inadequacy, at one stage of life to another, in which the ideal is simply perfection . The adults then, for their part, tend often to underestimate the problem, putting insensitivity, and – by the way – also a good dose of forgetfulness. We speak of a hereditary component disorder, which means that parents of sufferers know well what it is, having suffered themselves in the past.

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Why acne appears?

What is the mechanism behind this great little teen drama? Around 12-13 years sex hormones begin to stimulate the sebaceous glands of the skin (face, shoulders, back in particular) to produce a higher amount of fat. This excess sebum forms a cap that blocks the gland: the black point. The blacks points represent the phase comedonal acne, the first step and the most typical of puberty.

Later, after puberty, acne becomes inflammatory, we are the papules and pustules, i.e. the pimples true with or without pus (bacterial colonies), or to nodulocyctic form characterized by harsh expansions.

The same person may suffer from one form of acne or of more than one form; you can also follow each other in time.

The mild acne in most cases non-marking, pustular acne (especially if subjected to keep bruises) and nodulocyctic may instead give rise to skin blemishes or scars and depressions irreversible.

What to do?

First you need to figure out if the guy has a problem of discomfort. If it has to be accompanied by the dermatologist. If there is suffering and all in all if he or she lives with peace of mind their condition, force him to get treatment could be useless: acne treatment is indeed challenging and even long months, the sufferer must therefore be convinced choose to meet the commitment.

After assessed the extent of the problem specialist will give appropriate care that is different depending on the type of acne. During the treatment the boy must be helped to follow only the directions of the doctor (we avoid advice from friends or grandmothers and grandfathers to hasten healing!), It is urged not to touch, much less to squeeze the pimples and keep the skin always clean as possible.

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The treatments

It ranges from products for the use : exfoliants, antiseptics etc … to systemic antibiotics (by mouth) for inflammatory forms. For shaped nodule-cystic more serious today there are drugs derived from vitamin A to be taken by the general route: very effective but to be taken under medical supervision.

The peeling chemical, i.e. the application of glycolic acid or pyruvic acid or trichloroacetic … on the skin – at the hands of specialists and variable number of sessions – can help to regenerate the skin and be in support for different types of acne.

The advices

Contrary to what we used to say, acne is not the effect of fries and chocolate. It is not by not eating this or that food that is prevented. Or rather, we say clearly that acne can not be prevented, having this disorder, as we have said, an endocrine and often family-related. However to avoid the worst, it can be useful to start immediately for specific treatment and in the meantime take good behavioral practices .

First of all to keep the skin clean the avandosi regularly with appropriate products, not to touch or pinch pimples not to expand the infection, much less the nodules, which may encyst further. Then it is good practice not to use UvA lamps and not exceed in exposure to the sun specific products: initially, with lamps and tanning super, the situation appears to be improving, but then there is a sort of rebound effect : the sebaceous glands to react to excessive dryness caused by radiation work more, triggering a deterioration of the skin condition. So before the summer you make a phone call to a specialist who will advise you how to behave and what products to use on the beach.

And the trick? It would be best to avoid applying cosmetics on problematic skin … but for girls it’s hard to resist a clever make-up that helps to deal with acne discomfort. Before buying any foundation blush and face powder, it is good to know that on the market today there are products specifically for skin with acne who can with a minimum of technique to camouflage many blemishes effectively. Feel the dermatologist on this subject is a good starting point.

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